90-92 breakbeat hardcore

18 Jul 2020 11:52 #1 by Ratling
90-92 breakbeat hardcore was created by Ratling
1 Sweet Sensation Shades of Rhythm
2 Devine Rhythms DJ Rap
3 Inner Sense Liquid Crystal
4 Dance with Power Bass Construction
5 Sensory Deception (remix) MK 13
6 Renegade Soundwave The Phantom
7 Bus 'IT Blapps Posse
8 Total Confusion A Homeboy, a Hippie & a Funky Dread
9 Soundclash Kicksquad
10 We are I.E. Lennie De
11 Dancehall Dangerous Hackney Hardcore
12 Beyond Control Unknown
13 Shes Breaking Up Bitin' Back
14 LFO (Leeds Warehouse Mix) LFO
15 Digital Domain Unknown
16 Wicked Rum & Black
17 Al-naafiysh Hashim
18 Sweet Dreams (Nightmare Mix) Eurythmics
19 What Have You Done One Tribe
20 The Wickedest Sound (Don Gorgon Mix) Rebel MC
21 Do It Now Urban Shakedown
22 Keep the Fires Burning The House Crew
23 Spliffhead Ragga Twins
24 Lock Up Zero B
25 Dont Stand in my way M & M

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