Reading the Bible and Rave Music Sound Immoral?

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23 Jan 2020 09:16 #1 by Coolbreeze
Hi there,

I’ve decided to read the whole of the bible and a third way through, New Testament and psalms I got from school, after all these years I’ve decided to read it all, I’ve almost read Mathew chapter and fully read Mark chapter. I’m doing it to understand my religious friend more. But is it ancient wisdom or prehistoric babble? The bible seems to be good at installing morals into your mind but seems barbaric to explain it. They seem to talk about sins like murder, sexual immorality, stealing and so on. But my question is Rave Music also a sin because it’s hedonistic in nature and is it sound immoral? Have I been into the wrong music or not. Is it all nonsense and we like rave music just for fun and is harmless?

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