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GENERATION X [RadioShow] was born in 2011 by GL0WKiD!
It's about a mixed generation with oldskool vs nuskool blended tracks, including breakbeat/oldskool hardcore/rave-hardcore nuskool breaks/future jungle/bass stuff, having also the likes & support from great producers/DJs such as Resin, Neurygma, Retropolis, Nefti, Champion Breaks, DJ Mark C, DJ Wislov, Schoco & many others.

CATCH ME UP LIVE EVERY TUESDAY 17:30-19:30pm [UK Time] @

GUEST DJs at my show so far:

DJ Nee (AUS) (+ Interview)
Nefti (PL) (+ Interview)
Neurygma (ES)
Retropolis (UK)
Resin (UK)
DJ Rave In Peace (UK)
DJ Mark C (UK)
Hamsta (UK)
Mana Boom (RUS)
DJ Slim [Liquid Rollers] (UK)
Tariq Ziyad (UK)
Menace (UK) Interview only
Exit Point (UK)

You can check out the GenX archive here: ... radioshow/

? CALLING All Producers & Labels !
If you are a producer or you run a label & want your tracks to be played on the radio & present your fresh - forthcoming production, you can drop me a msg!
Styles preferred for the show are:
hardcore-rave nuskool breaks/breakbeat/oldskool hardcore/future jungle/140breaks/dubstep/drum & bass.
Am already promoting fresh stuff from labels like Good Times Recordings , Rave Stylee, Kode5, Kut Off Records, Switchblade Digital and many more

Catch me up live every Tuesday 17:30-19:30 pm (UK Time) @
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GL0WKiD's Generation X [RadioShow] 09DEC.2014
----------------------------------------------------------- ... 9-dec2014/


Punchblade - Trawlage ('Waiter, there's a fly in my acid' MIX)
DJ Rave In Peace - Love This Feeling
Sparki Dee - Hi-Octane
DJ Pink Champangne - Shine
Gareth Monks - Dance With Me
Firefox Demon - Find Our Way Home
Chiqui - Rock That Beat
David Guetta - She Wolf (Damage Inc. Ebony Remix)
Orestiz - Ruffatest
Miyauchi! - I Wanna Be Live In Space too (Many prodigies Ver)
DJ Shimamura - Dedicated to 1994
Mr. Niceguy - Hardråkk
Orestiz - Freedom
DJ Fat Controller - In Complete Darkness (dj flow remix)
C.R.I.P. - Green Line
Kruppstaahl - Fantazia
Captain Raveman - Oldskool
Ali Monsta - Xtc Love
Jimmy J & Cru-L-T - Six Days (DJ Nicky Allen Remix 'Version 2')
Skunk Association - Quick 'n' Raw
DJ Pantelis - It's Just a Feeling
Hardcore James - Hell Journey
Guchon - ??
Goreshit - Mode 7
The Prodigy - Your Love (Nefti HHC Remix 2004)
Dave Skywalker - Sunrise
Mischievous Mashups - Sily Games (Trance-Core Remix)
Euphorik Rhythm - Hardcore Beatz 2009
DJ Shimamura - Everybody's Crazy
JAKAZiD - Have 2 Survive
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2hrs of an ultimate Nu-Rave panic with the most uplifting Rave/Hardcore Breaks strictly nuskool and pumping ... 16dec2014/


The Future Sound of London - Papua New Guinea (Resin Remix)
Gizmo - Night Drive (Nefti Remix)
Toofer - Energizer
Billy Daniel Bunter & Sanxion ft. Karen Danzig - Love Like This (Acid Breaks Mix)
Sanxion - Sometimes Its Hard
Darkus & Paul Bassrock - The Final Word (Vazteria X Remix)
The Prodigy - Funky Shit (Under Break Remix)
Men With No Name - Higher Loops
Nefti - Can't Stand It (Orestiz Remix)
United States Beat Squad - Free
Urban Impulz - Piano Mashup 001 (Base Club Rave Mix)
N.R.G. - He Never Lost His Hardcore (Peacemaker Remix)
Bassraver - Party Freak
Bassraver - Return To 92
Pursuit - DJs Mixing (Paul Cronin Remix)
Paul Cronin - Hear It Feel It
Brainstorm Crew - Reach Up (dJ fLow Check It Out remix)
Gareth Monks - On A Subba Dub Tip
Rememberrave - Back To 92
T92 - Hold It
Rightside Rave Breaks - Guys & Chix Feel Good
Oneplayz ft Martyna Sierminska - Rebel
Final Feverz - Fresh
The Wise Man - Ether
Whizzkick - Take You There '92
Pursuit - Kick Ya Legs In The Air (V.I.P. Mix)
Pursuit - Buy Now Pay February
Resin - I Wont Stop Rockin (Nicky Allen Remix)
DJ Ziyad - Rush It Down
Chiqui - Back 2 The Old Skool - vol.0
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GL0WKiD's Generation X ?[?RadioShow?]? @ Planet Rave Radio - 23DEC.2014

2hrs of Rave/Hardcore Breaks & Happy Hardcore/D&B sounds covering the Nu-Rave movement ... 23dec2014/


Eddie Voyager - Time Warp
Bassraver - Back To The 90s Vol 2
Eddie Voyager - Elevation
Curious - Never Be Mine
DJ Ziyad - We Live In Sweet Harmony
DJ Shimamura - Dream Up (Guchon Remix)
Liquid Crystal - To The Top (VirtualeX Remix)
RightSneaky Tribe - London Massive
Stuart J - Dodge This (DJ Deluxe Remix)
DJ Luna-C & Vitality - Quick And Dirty
Dave Skywalker - Big Bang
Whizzkick - Urbanasia
DJ Donna Summer - Future
The Prodigy - No Good Start The Dance (Damage Inc. 2K13 VIP edit)
Acen - Trip II The Moon (Paul Cronin's 2014 Remix)
Dune - Hardcore Vibes (['time] Remix)
Ise - I Will Take You Dance
DJ Sashay - Underground Culture
Candy Cutz - Feeling Yeah
Jow - Reach Out
Chiqui - Cold As Ice
Cru-L-T - Baby
Casketkrasher- Let's Get Crazy
Malice - Piano Force
Miyauchi! - Have you ever been to Chigasaki
Goreshit - Enter The Funami (Gudsumniksum)
Vitality - Try, Try Again
Ratty & Tango - Final Conflict (Pursuit's Darkside Tails of D&B Remix)
Motiv - After Your Blue Eyes [Trance and Bass Mix]
Fragma - Toca's Miracle (Rafau Etamski DNB Remix)
['time] - Old Dudes

TOP5> ... -x_24.html
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Generation X [RadioShow] Boxing Day Special Edition featuring different aspects of Nu-Rave Hardcore + bits of glow_energy as always!! ... 26dec2014/


Pursuit - Let's Do It Now
Pursuit - Break It Down Like This (Singing In My Head)
DJ Disrupta & DJ A-One - That Was Fresh [Fresh For 96 Mix]
Shitmat - Global Hypercolour (Virus Mix)
DJ Pantelis - It's Just a Feeling
DJ Luna-C - Mindcurve
Dave Skywalker - Rushing Pianos
Goreshit - Enter the Funami (Gudsumniksum)
Mischievous Mashups - Sily Games (Trance-Core Remix)
Dave Skywalker - The Threat
Human Resource - Dominator (The Panacea VIP)
L.A Style - James Brown Is Dead (Tonkap's Gabber Kick & Amen Juke Edit Full ver.)
Dubsknit & PZG - Tell Me Why
Gammy - Dynamite
The Prodigy - Everybody Say Love (Champion Breaks Remix) [GL0WKiD Edit]
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This show was recorded as broadcasted live on 27th January 2015 @ Planet Rave Radio [] - presented & hosted by GL0WKiD. Live streaming from Athens/Greece.

Over 2hrs of total Nu-Rave buzz of Hardcore vibes covering every aspect of the scene featuring also lots of fresh tracks & forthcoming ones. (Breakbeats/Hardcore Breaks/Mutant Bass/Footwork Jungle/Hardcore Tekno)

LISTEN: ... 7-jan2015/

TOP 10 & REVIEW: ... ion-x.html


Rusko - Kumon Kumon (Graz & Booty Seapunk Remix)
WIT? - Blaze Up
Yeahhbuzz - Killinger (RRRitalin remix)
DJ Donna Summer - Boomshakalaka
JAKAZiD - Ravebreak Sino-B
The Prodigy - Everybody In The Place (Mr. Niceguy Remix)
T92 - Hold It
DJ Delay & Shifter - Feelin' The Music
Orestiz - Ruffatest
Midimachine - Under Oath (Melt Unit Remix)
Dubsknit & PZG - Sorry Josh
Terrorrythmus - Ruff
Beastie Boys - Body Movin'(GENKAI Loverz Remix)
Goreshit - Numb Me
DJ LukeAss - Now Fuck This!
Abyss - Here Comes The Pain
Yell-O-Phase - Forests, Fields & Bunkers (Raving Days)
Hardcore James - Uplifting Darkcore
Vitality - When The Smoke Clears
Comeraveinpeace - Yodas Force
Dave Skywalker - Too Fucking Dark
Luna-C - Echoes of Old
DJ Disrupta & DJ A-One - That Was Fresh [Fresh for 96 Mix]
Luffy - Give Yourself To Me
The Timespan - Stop The Music (JDubz Remix)
Nicky Allen - NAD #11
DieTRAX - Ki-Ki-Ki-Ss Me More
James Vision & Mr SPARKLe - Suspicion of Murder
Jimmy J & Cru-L-T - Sicks Daze (Cru-L-T Remix)
Feest DJ Ruud vs DJ Paul Elstak - Are You Ready 2 Trap (Mash-Up of Dune)
Luna-C - Fuck Orff Again (remix)
E-Type vs Unexist - The Way (AleX Tune Mashup Mix)
Dave Skywalker - Pandora VIP
The Prodigy - Nasty
The Prodigy - The Day Is My Enemy (Rapraiz Version)
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This show was recorded as broadcasted live on 3rd February 2015 @ Planet Rave Radio ?[?]? - presented & hosted by GL0WKiD - Live streaming from Athens/Greece.
2hrs of Mutant Bass, Hardcore, Pianos and smashing Breakbeats full of glow-energy! ... 03feb2015/


SR & Digbee - Body Swerve
Anorak - Hyper On The Baby (Love's Return)
Kruppstahl - Beatbox Rocker
L.A. Style - James Brown Is Dead (JAM1 Re-Remix RIP VIP)
Swedger - Buy Dem
Kanji Kinetic & Thorpey - Age Of Mutants
Squire of Gothos - Don't Sweat It
Yeahhbuzz - Making of Cyborg
Glowstyx - Bang Face
Sidestalker - Legions of Darkness
M-Project - Digital Illusion
Yoshida Tetsuto - KONTAKTE
United States Beat Squad - Free
Nefti - Why Did You Suddenly Disappear
Andy Wilson - Only You
Thorpey & Heapy - Got To Have Love (JAKAZiD Remix)
Paul Cronin - Hear it Feel it
World Dominance - Compression (dJ fLow Reinvigorated For 2014 Remix)
Sparky - Can You Feel The Power
Chiqui - You've Gotta Feeling
Sparki Dee - Symmetry
Faux Raver - Elbow Smasher
Unknown Rave - Let's Take It Back
DJ Mayor & Jax Noise - Untouchable Piper
Pursuit - Pumpin Drugs (dizzy on hip hop)
Pursuit - Listen to Them
Pursuit - Do You Like Hardcore Junglizm
Pursuit - No Skin off My Nose
Pursuit - Kick Ya Legs In The Air (Don't Stand and Stare)
Pursuit - Break It Down Like This (Singing In My Head)
Pursuit - Cosmic Twist
Pursuit - Can't Hold It (140mg overdose Mix)
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GL0WKiD's Generation X [RadioShow] pres. AleX Tune (UA) on the Guest Mix @ Planet Rave Radio.

Feel happy to present and host on this show, one of the most famous & essential Ukrainian hardcore DJ/producers, AleX Tune ( based in Odessa.
This is the 1st Guest DK for GenX for the year 2k15 and AleX hits it up with a sick way on an uplifting selection of his own stuff & favourites covered by a massive Happy Hardcore/Ravecore spirit. Worth to mention that there is also featured an exclusive & unreleased tune on his mix titled 'This is the Beat'.
You need to check out his persona releases on labels like GGM Raw Records, Dance Corps, Endor, Off Me Nut, Long Live The Animals, Sociopath Recordings, Rus Zud, Acidsamovar and Viral Conspiracy. Total uplifting & hyper selection of Happy Hardcore/Ravecore vibes! ..Blast!!! :D

Njoy the buzz> ... 10feb2015/


PZG & Dubsknit - Stupid Days
Liquid Crystal - You Got Me (The Renegades Mix)
Hamsta - Ya Better Hear This Song
DJ Donna Summer - Wonder Years
Fat Frumos - Jesus Raving For Your Sins
Fat Frumos - Carton Mask Madness (Suck-Puck rave intro)
High Rankin - Don't Drink The Kool-Aid
June Miller & Mefjus – Saus
Vitality - Can't Escape
The Prodigy - Warriors Dance
AleX Tune - Let The Bass Drum Pump Me Up
AleX Tune - Get Warm
AleX Tune - That's The Way
AleX Tune - Ultimate Style
Eufeion feat. Deanne & Ellie Angel - Starfire
Entity - Higher Functions
AleX Tune - Your Bunny Rave 2013 (Back To '93 Remix)
Candy Cutz - Feeling Yeah
The Prodigy - Everybody In The Place (Rhythmics Bootleg)
Dougal & Chris Fear - Bring Back The Rave
AleX Tune - Fonky Bass (Wit's Donky Bass Remix)
Shoujo X Matra Magic - Bounce!
JAKAZiD - See It Coming
DJ Brisk - Airhead (S3RL Remix)
Skinny & Bundy - Lets Get Dirty (Darwins Big Kick Mix)
AleX Tune - Keep Yourself
AleX Tune - This is The Beat
AleX Tune - Rave Party, Sex Party
AleX Tune - Pu-Pu-Pu-Punnany
Ruffage - Paradise (AleX Tune Remix)
DJ Rave in Peace - Sometimes I'm Nasty
Els In Wonderland - All Night
The Manipulator - Manipulative Pill
Spongebob Squarewave - The Bee's 303's
Fat Frumos YAD LP (GL0WKiD 'YAD Album' minimix)
AleX Tune - Speed It Up

FREE DOWNLOAD of the showcase: <!-- w --><!-- w -->
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GL0WKiD's Generation X [RadioShow] pres. 'Dred Collective Vol.3 Tribute' + Neil Pruden (UK) - co-owner of Dred Collective Interview - 17FEB.2015

A special showcase dedicated to the latest compilation from London's hard workin underground label like Dred Collective,
(DRED COLLECTIVE Vol.3: ... e-volume-3) This album features 48 amazing nuskool hardcore-jungle-bass tracks.
Njoy 140min' of strictly Dred, strictly Rave/Footwork & Jungle along with an interesting interview with its co-owner Neil Pruden.
BigUp to all producers involved on this class compilation and of course the brains behind it like Rob, Neil and of course Machine Girl for the artwork.

Njoy: ... 17feb2015/


Amiga Breaks - Mendokusai
Luffy - I Want You Baby
The Brainstorm Crew - Reach Up (DJ Flow Check It Mix)
DJ Wislov - The Nuclear Machine
Liam Taylor - Brainstorm
Paul Cronin - Here We Go
Midimachine - Under Oath (Melt Unit Remix)
Casper Hastings - Rudical (Tape Mix)
Chump Change - A Nightmare
Terrorythmus - Ruff
BSN Posse - 1994 State Of Mind
Mokujin - Rave Gen
PZG & Dubsknit - Sinner's Road
5ifty$ix K - Freerange Serfdom
Bennelux - Insomnia
N-Joi - Anthem (Beach Club x Relix Remix)
DJ Rave In Peace - Locked In The Clouds
PZG & Dubsknit - Stupid Days
Duranduran - Freeze
Machine Girl - Lagann Punk
AlbinoGorilla - Running Through Time
Liquid Crystal - You Got Me (The Renegades Mix)
Skubi - Sweet Tooth
Mark Kloud - Diamond Dust
redHat - Wltls@fenx
Machine Girl - 1 Trick
Hertz Couture - The Wave
Satanicpornocultshop - Love Is Over
SIMPIG (Shake It Maschine x Mr Pigman) - Supercluster
MoonDoctoR x FreshtillDef - Womp!
Gohda - Yadi
Lynch Kingsley - Vibrations
ARKiV - Nether Nor
Junglord - Submission
Jonny 5 - The Light
Rolling Paper - You Ain't A Killer
DJ Luck & MC Neat - With A Little Bit Of Luck (Londy Edit)

Free DL: ... EB2015.rar
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GL0WKiD's Generation X ?[?RadioShow?]? pres. 'STRICTLY NUSKOOL Vol.2' @ Planet Rave Radio - 03MAR.2015

This show was recorded as broadcasted live on 3rd March 2015 @ Planet Rave Radio ?[?]? -presented & hosted by GL0WKiD - Live streaming from Athens/Greece.

2hrs of showcasing stuff from the Strictly Nuskool Blog's back catalogue & forthcoming tunes from there full of Hardcore & Jungle and of course chapter 2 of the show is dedicated to the official presentation of the upcoming 'STRICTLY NUSKOOL Vol.2' album ?[?out on 9th March 2015 - free DL via ?]?
Once again bigup to all crew 4 the support on this 2hr panic of glow_energy and props 2 all producers involved on all SNB releases! Keep the spirit alive!

Njoy: ... 03mar2015/


Chiqui - Party People
Gareth Monks - Dance With Me
Gareth Monks - K.W. Tribute
Nefti - Raw Power
Gareth Monks - Acen's Urban Breakdown
Paul Cronin - Next Is The Ecstasy
Paul Cronin - Go With The E and Rush Me
Pursuit - Break It Down Like This (Singing In My Head)
Pursuit - Cosmic Twist
Orestiz - Ruffatest
Chiqui - Rock That Beat
Bassraver - Now Hear This
The Prodigy - No Good Start The Dance (Damage Inc. 2K13 VIP edit)
Hardcore James - Uplifting Darkcore
Liam Taylor - Oldschool My Oxygen
DJ Wislov - Don't Leave Me
Bassraver - Party Freak
DJ Owl - (WOW) That Is Hard Core
Breakbeatscientist - Strange Magik
Pursuit - Kick Ya Legs In The Air (VIP Mix)
DJ Sashay - Feel The Vibe
Fringe - Feel The Power
Mana Boom - Arcada
Hardcore Til I Puke - A Cracking Tune
DJ Wislov - Death O Fall
Vitality - Can't Escape
Hamsta - Biscuit Nibbler
Gareth Monks - On A Subba Dub Tip
Andy Wilson - I Need Somebody (Nefti Remix)
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GL0WKiD's Generation X [RadioShow] @ Planet Rave Radio - 10th March 2015

[Hardcore Breaks/Breakbeat]

NJOY: ... arch-2015/

TOP 8 - REVIEW: ... ion-x.html


Greg Sin Key- That Sound
Mr. Niceguy - Overstimulation [numix]
Altern 8 - Armageddon (AVROs Infiltrate 303 Mix)
Peacemaker - Let Yourself Go
m0del101 - Bruxia & Non Compliance - In Control
601 vs Skrillex - All Is Fair In Love And Amens
Dee! - Hold On Me
Salchok - Avast!
Lee Van Corsa - WhiteLabel
mannik5000 - It's not Over
DJ Mark C- Coughing up Blood
DJ Wislov - I Had To Go
DJWISLOV & Alex Breako - Clearchous Echeyde
Orca - Rise Up
DJ Rave In Peace - DJ R.I.P - Void Of E Motion
The Prodigy - Wind It Up (Rewound)
Paul Cronin - Ya Might Get A Rush
Paul Cronin - Y'All Ready
Paul Cronin - Straight Outta Leeds
Gareth Monks - Acen's Urban Breakdown
Gareth Monks - Production House (dj friendly mashup)
Mana Boom - Extasy Fly
Orestiz - The Force
Liquid Crystal - You Got Me ( The Renegades Mix)
N Joi - Anthem ( Beach Club x RELIC Remix)
The Prodigy - Out of Space [Orestiz Refix Edit]
Nefti - The Game (NeuroNative Remix)
Nefti - The Game [Intensive Recordings]
Nefti - Love Me
Rave Force - Amigos 4-Ever (Nefti Remix)
Andy Wilson - I Need Somebody (Nefti Remix)
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GL0WKiD's Generation X ?[?RadioShow?]? @ Planet Rave Radio - 17th March 2015

[Hardcore Breaks/Mutant Bass/Hardcore Techno/Footwork/Drum&Bass]

Njoy: ... arch-2015/

top 8 & review ... -x_18.html


Pinky & The Brain - Acid
Exit Point - Party Weekend (USBS remix)
Lt Wharf - Far Out (Breaks Re-Rub)
Nefti - I Can't Stand It (Orestiz Remix)
Nero - Promises
DJ Faydz & Danny Unkut ft. MC Mad P - Hardcore Headz
Luna-C - Success N Mistreet (Luna-C Mix)
K-orse and Basshound - Entertainment (Sample Junkie remix)
AceeD - Toy Rob0t
Kanji Kinetic - JR Line
Jack Spangle - Sanka
Gash - In The Face
Negrobeat - Oldskool
DJ Donna Summer - Rock Rock Rock
The Prodigy - Time To Get Funky And Raw (DJ Sashay Mental Acid Remix)
Yell-O-Phase - Misunderstood Rave Machine
Nayim & Luffy - Amen My Drum (Luffy Remix)
Hamsta - Clap Ya Hands To It
Pursuit - Sing It
North Base - Insomniac (Kokushimusou Edit)
D.K. Ritual – You And Me -90's mix
Dubsknit & PZG- Desirave
Machine Girl - 1 Trick
The Renegades - The Acid Tune
Terrorrythmus - XTC Overdose
Captain Raveman - Rave Terrorizer
Fat Frumos - Jesus Raving For Your Sins
Liam Taylor - Madness In My Brain
CurZe - Ladies Only
Zomboy - Raptor (Dave Skywalker Refix)
DJ Shimamura - Feel My NRG (RAVE'N'BASS MIX)
Jakazid - Movin to This
Monsta - Holdin' on (Skrillex & Nero Remix)
Schnez - Acid 2k15
Schnez - Stopper
Schnez - Jungle Tech (Nach)
Schnez - Being With You
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[color=#00FF00:2cbmxrpm]GL0WKiD's Generation X [RadioShow] @ Planet Rave Radio - 24th March 2015[/color:2cbmxrpm]
[Bass/Jungle/Hardcore Techno]

NJOY: ... arch-2015/

TOP 8 OF THE WEEK: ... -x_25.html


[b:2cbmxrpm]ADAM F?- When The Rain is Gone
Sub Focus - Falling Down VIP (feat. Kenzie May)
Nero - Satisfy (Jarvis? Remix)
The Prodigy - Wild Frontier (KillSonik? remix)
Eat Rave? vs. Al Storm? & Euphony - Jack The Ripper
The Chemical Brothers - Block Rockin' Beats DJ Simon Iridium?'s Amen to the Brothers 140 Re-rub)
Champion Breaks? - You Be The Leader
Jason Forrest aka DJ Donna Summer? - Rock Rock Rock (Glowstyx Remix)
BR selecta? - Acid Boom
johnfaustus? - Acid Flakes
DJ Luna-C & Vitality? - Quick And Dirty
Ben Venom - Feel The Power
T92 - 13 Teen
Sparki Dee? - Darkness Inna Babylon
?illy ?o ?ates - Crowd Burst
Abyss - Another Planet
Stormski? - The Jungler
Temper Temple - Love in The Ghetto (pzg? Blodklaat remix)
Machine Girl? - Electronic Gimp Music ('92 Hyper Acid Mix)
5ifty$ix K? - More Core! [ Dynasty Shit?]
D.K.Ritual - Untitled Rave [S.KID remix]
RIFFZ? - Original Soundbwoy
Mystery & Kosine? - Ninja Bizznezz
Junglord? - There's no Skool like the Oldskool
Hamsta DJ? - Got 2 Be Real
Candy Cutz? - Feeling Yeah (Weyheyhey !! Remix)
Limited Toss - Oldschool Makes Me High
B'man? - Wicked Style
Hazard - Mr Happy (DJIPE? RMX)
Neophyte - Fuck Martine (Oldschool Lo-Fi Bootleg Remix)
Vaenus - Cannibalism (VIP)
Doctor Werewolf - Lasercat Rocket Attack (Specimen A? Remix)
The Prodigy - Nasty (Spor remix)
Ben Venom. - One Four Skank
Ben Venom - Rasterizer
Ben Venom - 4King Ganja
Ben Venom - Bulletproof[/b:2cbmxrpm]
more than a month ago
GL0WKiD's Generation X [RadioShow] @ Planet Rave Radio - 31 MAR 2015


Njoy: ... 1-mar2015/


Pianoman & Carla Donohue - So Addicted (Avro Remix)
Motiv - Back For Heaven
DJ Rave In Peace - Music for Moles
Gareth Monks - Acen's Urban Breakdown
Ise - Vibration Is Life
Orestiz - Beyond
Bass Selective - Blow Out Part II (Oneplayz Remix & Mashup)
Damage Inc. - Hello Riddim
DJ Nicky Allen - Sunshine (Resin Remix)
Luffy - I Want You Baby
Nefti - Music Is My Life (Rave Force Remix)
The Prodigy - Death of the Prodigy Dancers (Mr. Niceguy Remix)
DJ Shimamura - Dedicated to 1994
Orestiz - Wake Up And See [1st demo]
Paul Cronin - Ya Might Get A Rush
Bassraver - Now Hear This
Abyss - Rebel Bass
Kharman - Back In Time
Leonized - Living In Darkness
Pursuit - The Dark Crystal
Breakbeatscientist - Dark Prophecy
Sonic Trip - New Rap
Mana Boom - Arcada
Casketkrusher - What the Heck-! (Chiqui Remix)
Dune - Hardcore Vibes (tima remix)
Luna-C Piano Confusion (Hattrixx Remix)
JAKAZiD - Incomprehensible
2 Unlimited - No Limit (Eufeion Powerstomp Mix)
Skrillex - Equinox (Nekasrof Bootleg)
Skrillex - Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (Intro Piano Electro Mix)
Wislov - PSYCHOELECTRO EP minimix
Alex Breako & DJ Wislov - Chaos & Confusion
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GL0WKiD's Generation X pres. DJ TORNADO (PL) GuestMix & Interview @ Planet Rave Radio (28.04.2015)

FREE DOWNLOAD ... 4.2015.rar

This show was recorded as broadcasted live on 28th April 2015 @ Planet Rave Radio [] -presented & hosted by GL0WKiD Live streaming from Athens/Greece.

Really honoured presenting a special guest hailing from the 'Capital of Nu-Rave & Hardcore Breaks' Lodz/Poland the man like DJ TORNADO
dropping a '10yrs Tornado Records' anniversary mix and being also interviewed revealing his plans and forthcoming events!
A special radioparty pure nuskool, oldskool influenced and total hardcoaaaaar!
Wielka Milosc 2 all Polski NuRave & Hardcore masses keepin the spirit alive and glowluv to all Crew showing full support on this showcase! u know who u are!


Greg Sin Key - My Vibe
Liquid - Sweet Harmony (Andy Wilson Remix)
NeuroNative - Take it Back
Awesome 3 - Don't Go 2011 (Avro's Reflections Revival Mix)

INTERVIEW with DJ TORNADO (Background tracks on interview: 'Base Club - Respect [remix]' - 'Neurygma - Give a Fact' - 'Mindfields - Desire' - 'Rett - Break of Dawn' -' Altern-8 - Activ-8 [Damage Inc.'s 92 Rave Revival Remix]')

- Tracklist -

Shar-Pei - Once Again
Wonter - About U
The Flashback Project - I Will Love Again
The Flashback Project - Another Dimension
Teknotik - I've Got Music
Marusha - We Are The Bass (Crone Remix)
Portal - In Complete Darnkess
Nefti - In & Out
Oneplayz - Run To The Future
DJ Vibes - Obsession (The Flashback Project Remix)
DJ Sike - Ravestory
Malice & Reckless - Life On Mars
Baseclub - Back Again
Baseclub - Feel It
Hyper Motion - Frontier
Hyper Motion - Kickstart
Screwball - Garlic Salad
Baseclub - Respect
Nefti - Strike It Up
Nefti - Hit My Heart
Baseclub - Are You Ready To Fly
Decoy - Claxon Party
Baseclub - Dancin Together
Nefti - Hold On
Baseclub - Wet Streets


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GL0WKiD's Generation X ?[?RadioShow?]? @ Planet Rave Radio - 12th May 2015

[Hardcore Breaks/Ravecore/Mutant Rave/Breakcore/Acid]

2 hrs of uplfiting hardcore vibes representing the Nu-rave Scene, featuring also special tribute
to the very fresh Ravertooth Tiger label ( including all tracks from its 1st compilation
alongside a chat about this release and all label's related stuff with its owner, the man like Graz (

Listen: ... -may-2015/

TOP 10 & Review: ... ion-x.html


Acen - Return To 2092
Spaceface - Attic Attack
Glowstyx - U R Mine
Champion Breaks - Dark Dreams
The Prodigy - Time To Get Funky And Raw (DJ Sashay Mental Acid Remix)
DJ Sashay - Psychosomatic
Onken - Acid Hardcore 9
Fat Frumos - Jesus Raving For Your Sins
Melt Unit - Get Melted - (dupzgnit rmx)
Terrorrythmus - XTC Overdose
Gammy - Big Tune (Yeahhbuzz Remix)
Operaider - Only Time To Panic
AleX Tune - Across The Fader
Goreshit - 26arp
Hedener and Raveman - fotvaerk
Anorak - The Future Is Broken
Bman - Revenge
Riffz - Seems It's Original VIP
Riffz - Surfin
DRMZ - Bad Boys
ankokushinwa - O.O.S.A
Sidney Looper - Forms
ElectroAss - Deep Hipster Breaks Vol.3
DJ Donna Summer - 15 Year Party
Machinegirl - Luciferian New World Order Zionist
Booty Giuliani - Hit and Ruin (Feat. Graz)
Lucider - Chemical Agent
Fat Frumos - Acccid PPL
Selekta Fuzz - Oldskoolaraptor
Graz - Siren Rock (Ravertooth VIP)
Jumpin & Matterhorn - Under Da Streets
Hackd - Hot'N'Ready
Bob The Builder! - Subiu Deseu
Oxygenfad - 2bad4u
Numb'n'dub - Gunman So Fuck
Maru303 - Yojohan Ravehell
Blasterik - Haters
Vaenus - Pump This Party (90's Remix)
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GL0WKiD's Generation X [RadioShow ]@ Planet Rave Radio 19th May 2015
[Hardcore Breaks/Footwork/Ravecore/Hardcore Techno/Happy Hardcore/Jungletek]


Top 5 & Review: ... -x_20.html


DJ Rave In Peace - Into Rhythm
The Panacea - Feelgood Tune
Cronin - I Hiroshima
Paul Cronin - Straight Outta Leeds
Orestiz - Toxic Tunes
Damage Inc. - We Love Charly
Nayim & Luffy - Amen My Drum (Luffy Remix)
DJ Chance - Dont Come Down
PZG & Dubsknit - Sinner's Road
Omni Trio - Feel Good (1H9IN edit)
Spinscott - Blow My Mind
Wess Coasta - You Got The Love
Wess Coasta - Solutions
Pengaton - Is All Is
Machine Girl - Powerpuff Girlz
Wess Coasta - Rotterdam Retake
Kruppstaahl - No Good (Plastic Version)
Chairman Meow - Brainwaves
T99 - Anasthasia (Blame Remix)
JAKAZiD - My Beat
Zomboy - Raptor (Dave Skywalker Refix)
Jumpin & Matterhorn - Under The Streets
anosa vs Mazedude - Dissidonance (Revolution Hardcore Remix)
Hamsta - Hodgepodge Dubplate
AcdBrnOut - Bangers, Mash & Cheesy Beans
Dr. Donk - Here Comes The Donkstepper
Amiga Breaks - Piano Business
Casketkrusher - Strictly Happy
Q-Tex - Equazion - E-Creation ('14 Rave Mix by DJ Casketkrusher)
Alk-M-E - Ravin'
MandiDextrous - Analogue To Digital
Ruff-Tek & T-Menace - Purgatory (MandiDextrous Remix)
Sub Focus - Timewarp [DJIPE RMX]
AFx - 4 acid organ [rough mix]
The Prodigy - Beyond The Deathray (Khaos Knights Bootleg)
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SHIFTER (RUS) @ GL0WKiD's Generation X ?[?RadioShow?]? - Planet Rave Radio (26MAY2015)

[Hardcore Breaks/Breakbeat]

SHIFTER from Russia ?[? - ?]? is guesting on this showcase dropping 1hr mix inc. a selection of his own released & unreleased tracks alongside an interview talking about his plans, influences, 'Yes Its Rave' label
?[? ?]? and many more others!

njoy: ... radioshow/


LooPeZ - The Oriental Domination (ModeThrill Remix) [ExperimentalBass Records?]
DJ Rave In Peace - Music For Moles [Strictly Nuskool Blog?]
Mr. Sin - I and I
Tjamil - Moster Track
Cyantific? - Streets Of Rave
Boomjester - String Thing [Beatroot Promotions?]
DJWISLOV? - XTC [Ravenoyz Recordings?]
Shifter - Game over (unreleased)
Shifter - Breakoholic (Hardcore Lives Records?)
Shifter - Peacebreaker (Erbal essence rec.)
Shifter & DJ Delay - Take it higher (Erbal essence rec.)
Shifter & DJ Delay - Feeling the music (Hardcore Lives Rec.)
Shifter - Move your body (Good Gosh rec.)
Shifter - Pocket Hangar (unreleased)
Shifter - Don't stop the music (Hardcore Liver Rec.)
DJ Delay - Broken heart (Shifter remix) (Mert wax rec.)
Mindfields - Badboy (Shifter remix) (Hardcore Lives Rec.)
Shifter - If you die a devil (unreleased)
S-scape - Life ain't no game (Shifter remix) (unreleased)
Mana Boom - Yami Yami
Gareth Monks - Rock This M F [KODE 5 Recordings?]
Amiga Breaks - Round Trip [Dark Til Dawn Records?]
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GL0WKiD's Generation X [RadioShow] @ Planet Rave Radio - 2nd JUNE 2015
(Inc. 1st radio presentation of Amiga Breaks upcoming album 'Journey's End' alongside an interview with him)

[Hardcore Breaks - Breakbeats]

LISTEN: ... june-2015/


Orestiz - Toxic Tunes
DJ Wislov - Hardcore School [RAVENOYZ RECORDINGS]
Missqulater - Should Be Tuned (FFF Remix) [ENCOUNTERS RECORDS]
The Prodigy - Everybody Say Love (Champion Breaks 2013 acid breaks remix)
The Prodigy - Time To Get Funky And Raw (DJ Sashay Mental Acid Remix)
FFF - Scream For Acid (Monotron_nl Remix) [ENCOUNTERS RECORDS]
Onken - Oblivion 93 project
Spaceface - Last Drop [ACME BASS]
Captain Raveman - Bomb
Yell-O-Phase - Prison Breakers
Fringe - Is That Why [7th STOREY PROJECTS]
Dev-Null - Pursuit of Darkness [8205 RECORDINGS]
Deadly Nightshade - Mind Of A Serial Killer [SWITCHBLADE DIGITAL]
Bong-Ra - Murder You [SUPERTRACKS]
Cycheouts Ghost - Jingle 2 (Jon&Ponch Rework)
DJtagosaku - Out Of Space 2015

AMIGA BREAKS 'Journey End' presentation & Amiga Breaks Interview
Scratch This
Oldskool Daze
Miso Ramen
Past Regrets
Round Trip
Venus Wars
Time to Die
Pad and Bass
The End of the Beginning
Piano Business

Closing track of the show: DJ Rave In Peace - Lost Angels [RAVESKOOL RECORDINGS]


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GL0WKiD's Generation X [RadioShow] @ Planet Rave Radio 9th June 2015
[Hardcore Breaks/Mutant Bass/Footwork/Jungle]

Listen: ... 09jun2015/

TOP 5: ... ion-x.html


Rusko - Lytah
United States Beat Squad - Euphoria [KODE 5 RECORDINGS]
JAKAZID - Ravebreak Sino-B [ALLKORE]
blnd! - We Are Coming [BASS HOUND RECORDS]
blnd! - Rudebwoi Bass [BASS HOUND RECORDS]
Pirate Soundsystem - Rave Issues [WIDE RECORDS]
P Money - Originators (Mikey B and Sketchi Remix)
Chairman Meow - Out For A Wank
Ali Monsta - External Disturbance [DIGGIN' IT RECORDS]
Albin Myers & Carli - In Control (Busy Tempo Original) [NEST HQ]
Altern-8 - Infiltrate 202 (Nefti Remix)
Fantacy UFO - Fantacy (Gareth Monks Mix)
ACEN - Return to 2092
DJ Wislov - Mr Rave [SONIC FORTRESS]
Amiga Breaks - So Sweet [KODE 5 RECORDINGS]
Enzyme - My Trip
DJ Rave In Peace - Lost Angels [RAVESKOOL RECORDINGS]
Gareth Monks - Flight (Piano Abuse #3)
The Prodigy - Your One Love (Wrong Mashupremix)
Paul Cronin - PAUL'S C'MON
DJ Rave In Peace - Void of E Motion
Orestiz - Wake Up And See [STRICTLY NUSKOOL BLOG]
Dubsknit & pzg - Desirave [POLISH JUKE]
John B - Pressure (The Renegades Mix)
Slick Shoota - War Dub
Slick Shoota - Hardcore Junglist
Melt Unit - Ravework [COCK ROCK DISCO]
Hujiko Pro - Lupine Attack [SABACAN RECORDS]
King Yoof & Uncle Dugs (feat Ragga Twins) - Mi A Raver (Marcus Visionary Remix)
D.K. Ritual – Rodigan Play Non-Stop
SHaKa-iTCHi - Dubplate Warrior [RAGGA TERROR FRONT]
FFF - Big Man Business [MURDER CHANNEL]
Bizzy B - Hear This
Bizzy B - Dark Steppa
Liquid - Liquid Is Liquid (NSF Deeper remix)
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GL0WKiD's Generation X [RadioShow] @ Planet Rave Radio - 16JUN.2015

[Hardcore Breakbeat/Drum & Bass/Footwork/Hardcore Techno/Footwork/Bass]

Listen: ... 16jun2015/


Sideflip - D.O.T.P.D.
Orestiz - Simply Say Raw
Unicorn Kid - True Love Fantasy
501 - feel for you
Modestep - Rainbow (feat. Partysquad)
Rusko - Somebody To Love (Skream's 24 Hr Special Delivery Remix)
The Prodigy - Wind It Up
N.R.G. - Feel The Fury (Piano Remix)
House Crew - We Are Hardcore
Dune - Too Much (Gareth Monks Mix)
Albin Myers & Carli - The Legend (Busy Tempo Original)
Monsta - Messiah (Feed Me Remix)
Chase N Status - Flashing Lights- ft Subfocus & Takura
North Base - Insomniac (v.i.p)
Rusko - Happy Chords
Hertz Couture - RTR
Terrorrythmus - Jungle Tekno
ElectroAss - Westbam vs. Undercover Agent & Kriminal
The Prodigy - We Eat Rhythm (Jungle Remix)
DJ Donna Summer - 15 Year Party
Hamsta - We Gonna Show You How (Much Too Much Mix)
DieTrax vs FFF - Get Hyper
Casketkrusher - What the Heck?! (Chiqui Remix)
232COMIT - B.S-Break Shousei
Annoying Ringtone - Envy
JAKAZiD - Movin' To This (Kanji Kinetic Remix)
Apollo 440 - Stay Frosty
Shirobon (ft. Sabrepulse) - Cyberstrike
Metrik - T 1000
Faithless - Insomnia (Danny Byrd Bootleg)
Inner City - Good Life (Danny Byrd Bootleg)
Chase & Status (Feat. Moko) - Count On Me (Andy C Remix)
DJ Fresh and Adam F - Believer (Adam F and DJ Fresh bbk edit)
Netsky - Come Alive (Culture Shock Remix)
Monsta - Holdin' On (Skrillex & Nero Remix)
Nero - Crush On You (Silent H! Remix)
The Chemical Brothers - Sometimes I Feel So Deserted (Future Funk Squad Remix)
The Prodigy - Destroy
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