Tuesday, 19 December 2017
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Well living my life I’ve come to conclusion there are two types of girls or women, yes I know it isn’t quite as black and white as you may think but I’ll give you examples anyway.

Two types of girls:-

The private or home girl/sensible girl.

you rarely see them and keep them selves to them selves, they are sensible, good natured, they are about family and traditional English ways, maybe loners or have a couple of real friends or a few. The only time you will probably see them is when they are walking the dog or dogs, they are animal lovers and maybe vegetarians. They look smart but casual like jeans or leggings. They don’t like technology much or not bothered by it and don’t really use internet or don’t post lots of nonsense and photos on internet’s as she keeps her business private. She’s not glued to her smart phone walking down street in public and probably doesn’t own a smart phone. She doesn’t or rarely drinks and never have or never do drugs. She doesn’t really wear makeup or rarely and not a lot or not at all as she believes in natural beauty. When her friends invite her to go out to a night club with them, she says yes to be polite but dreads it as it’s not really her scene, while a lot of single girls will dress up to wind up thirsty men by wearing the lots of makeup that took 12hours to prepare and the shortest skirt or dress and show bare legs shaved of course(some cases maybe not). The home girl doesn’t really like that sort of gear or doesn’t really have it so she may go in long smart dress or if she wears something short she will put on black tights so her legs won’t be seen in darkened night club rooms and comfortable black shoes, none of this high heel nonsense that will break her ankles. She doesn’t like club music and don’t like dancing and most likely stand and watch her friends make fools of them selves. She’ll goto club once or twice then never again. She doesn’t swear and rarely argues. She doesn’t chase men and doesn’t like to be chased. She doesn’t like talking to strange men in clubs and if they approach her she will let them down gently and say she ain’t interested, she only likes to talk to people who she knows at work or her local community and believes relationships happen naturally (no games) and only have one or two boyfriends in her life and likely to settle down with the one in her early to mid twenties and get married and is a potential mother. There you are a good girl. Most the time they are taken up quick.

The bad girls/promiscuous girls/socialites.

This girl is the opposite of a home girl or private girl. She is narcissistic a modern girl, she thinks she’s special and pretty when she ain’t, she likes social media, Facebook, Twitter, youtube, snapchat and posts hundreds of photos and posts and selfies, she has a huge presence on the internet, YouTube girls like to have over 100,000 subs for an ego boost or maybe make money through patreon or ads and cry if they don’t. They crave attention and may post semi nudes or nudes to tumblr. They seem to be on holiday most the time and post rude pictures being just silly with friends in some tropical place (how do they afford this? They have rich parents) they are spoilt. Clubbing every night drunk and dressed to kill men. They have casual sex and can’t get enough of it they really have no morals or inhibitions, like to play the game no care in the world and end up like nymphos and an STD or two. The pretty ones with no talent won’t get a real job apart from being a porn star or a model ( even though clothes models are the better kind) a lot of these types will end up depressed with no life or ruined life or when they are in their late twenties or older and gotten away with it they grow up out of it and look at younger generations doing the same and think did I really get up to that nonsense. Maybe a potential mother or NOT or nutter I don’t know.

So there you have it which do you prefer, 1 or 2 or 3 for something inbetween?

What you think!


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