Thursday, 23 June 2016
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Yo Guys,

I've just started presenting a hardcore show (1990-1994 hardcore and a little bit of the new hardcore breaks too). Strictly vinyl every Tuesday evening on, 8-10pm GMT.

Feel free to get involved and listen in.


more than a month ago
Last night's 'RAVE Radio' mix #003 on Codesouth.FM uploaded to Mixcloud with full track listing for ya. x
more than a month ago
Latest RAVE RADIO show #050 is now up.

2. Untitled B1 (Unreleased EP) by Battery 03
3. Untitled by The Dok
4. We're Flying (Vibes & Wishdokta Remix) by Future Primitive
5. Your Love by The Dok
6. Selector by Alk-E-D
7. Live 4 The Feeling by Vibes
8. Hear Me Hear Me by Poosie* & Cru-L-T
9. Babylon Attack (Attack Mix) by Original DJ Vibes
10. Morning Mist by T3
11. You Got Me Burnin' (Original Mix) by Cloud 9
12. Movin' Babe by DJ Rock
13. Get Together Remix by DJ Rock
14. Skin Up by DJ Rock
15. Rock 'N' Groove by DJ Rock.
16. Reachin Ya! by DJ Rock.
17. Wheel The Bass (Remix) by X-Certificate
18. Vision by Slipmaster J
19. Deep Heart by Sub-Love
20. Menace by Ruffige Cru
21. Coherent Flow by Sub-Love
22. Sunshine by Ramos + Supreme + Sunset Regime
23. 101.3 Beats by DJ Outrage + DJ Rough
24. Imagination by Dragonfly
25. Good Vibrations (Akimu Mix) by The Minister-So-Sinister
26. The 'X' Men by Secret Squirrel ‎
27. Untitled AA1 (White014) by Dark Mark
28. Interference by Agent 24K
29. Love Is by Danny B
more than a month ago
Here's RAVE RADIO #051. Recorded LIVE on Code South 105.6 FM, 1st Aug '17. The next vinyl installment of original '92/93 hardcore vs new hardcore breaks. Hope you enjoy. RadioSam

2. Dopefiend by Liquid
3. Stand Up by Try Unity
4. I can't Forget by DJ Jedi
5. Waiting On My Feelings by Sanxion
6. Never Try The Hippodrome (Remix) by DJ Phantasy + DJ Gemini
7. Got To Believe by Ramos + Supreme + Sunset Regime
8. You've Gotta Believe by Sunset Regime
9. Silly Games by Noise Overload
10. Back To Cause Mayhem by DJ Luna-C
11. Elevate by Alex Jungle
12. Into Insanity by DJ Luna-C
13. Sounds From Hell by Mannik
14. Black Static by DJ Luna-C
15. Shout Now by Twinhead
16. Pap Malaysia (Eviction mix) by 32 Troop
17. Untitled A (Damage E.P. Vol. 1) by Unknown Artist ‎
18. Brutality (Original Mix by Worldwide Epidemic
19. I Did It For The Internet Rep by DJ Lien
20. Graveyard Swing by Worldwide Epidemic
21. Battlestar Breakbeat (Squirrel Mix) by The Minister-So-Sinister
22. Untitled A1 (White 014) by Dark Mark
23. Hello Darkness (Remix) by Bay-B-Kane
24. Total Amnesia by Bizzy B
25. Hibiscus by Worldwide Epidemic
26. Bring The Beat Back (Cru-L-T Mix) by DJ Jedi
27. Feeling This by Ant To Be
28. Touch Me by Ed Rush
29. G.A.F. by Ent.T
30. I wanna Stay In The Jungle by Ed Rush
31. Altered State 1# by Ent.T
more than a month ago
If you need a little cheeky hardcore playlist for the weekend, here's this week's RAVE RADIO session #052. Recorded LIVE on Code South 105.6 FM on 8th of August 2017. Hope you enjoy :-)

2 It Is What It Is by Liquid
3 RadioSam Intro
4 Screamer by Newton
5 Bassquake by SL2
6 Release by Glide
7 Boom Bass by Njoi
8 Atmoshpere by One Timz Bass
9 Wiplash by Armageddon
10 More Bass by Raw From China
11 Fab Five Intro Woffle
12 Volume 2B by DJ's Unknown
13 Volume 1B Mix by DJ's Unknown
14 Untitled A (Vol. 2) by DJs Unknown
15 Volume 1 A by Frantic & Impulse
16 Firin On All Cylinders by Aurora
17 Trip 2 The Moon Part 2 (Other Side) by ACEN
18 Pressure by Hyperactive
19 Untitled Riddim by Ant To Be
20 Everybody's Under The Influence Remix by DJ Phantasy + DJ Gemini
21 Nobody Likes Me by Ant To Be
22 The Orphanage by TNO Project
23 Stranges by Ant To Be
24 Battlestar Hardcore by The Minister-So-Sinister
25 Untitled (Dark Mark) by Dark Mark
26 Underground Terra Dome by The Minister-So-Sinister
27 Untitled (Dark Mark) by Dark Mark
28 Week End by Bizzy B
29 Idiomatic by Worldwide Epidemic
30 Keep On by Ed Rush
31 My Mind Is Going (Original) by Double Vision
32 Cat Got Your Tongue by Tom And Jerry ‎
33 The End by The Invisible Man
34 Patch Of Blue by Tom And Jerry ‎
35 Strange Greetings by Bay-B-Kane
more than a month ago
Here's last night' RAVE RADIO vinyl session #053 from me. Recorded LIVE on Code South 105.6 FM. Another different '92-93 hardcore selection with a smidgen of the new sound too.

2. Higher by Son'z Of A Loop Da Loop Era
3. Fight For Love by TRY UNITY
4. The Life And Crimes Of A Ruffneck by ACEN
5. Tribe Vibe by Run Tingz
6. Jungle Zone 1 by Energy Zone
7. Techzone 2 by MK 13
8. I Believe (Mad Ragga John Remix) by Da Bass Invaderz
9. Junos (Armour Mac & Nunny Remix) by Mac Attack & Skeme
10. Caligular by Subculture
11. Untitled AA2 (Mix To The Max Vol. 3) by A-Sides
12. Feel The Panic by Lewi Cifer
13. Fabulous 5 Intro
14. Theme From Daddy Armshouse by Kurnel Knifekut & General Gun ‎
15. 5 Men In A Car, 1 Man In The Boot by 2 Boasters (A Digestive & A Jammy Dodger)
16. Man Shot Dead In Dalston E8 by Kurnel Knifekut & General Gun ‎
17. The Accelerators Stuck (And I Can't Slow Down) by 2 Boasters (A Digestive & A Jammy Dodger)
18. 99 Red Balloons by Lewi Cifer
19. Do It Now by Smith & Brown
20. Heat (Mix 2) by Lewi Cifer
21. Look No Further by Run Tings
22. Rudeboy by DJ Pooch
23. Funky Dope Track by Run Tings
24. Untitled B2 (Unreleased EP) by Battery 03
25. Firin To The Core by Aurora
26. Everybody by Boykz & Chapman
27. Begging 4 More by Sensi-tize
28. Space Cube by Sassion
29. Burn Baby Burn by Sensi-tize
30. The Voice by 20 Hurts
31. Beat Dis by Da Untouchablez
32. Hyd & Seek by Bay B Kane
more than a month ago
Hey guys

Here's last week's RAVE RADIO vinyl mix #057. Recorded live on Code South 105.6 FM. Another different '92-93 hardcore selection for the series. Hope you enjoy.

2 Breaks Them Vol. 1 by Sonz of a Loop Da Loop
3 Field of Dreams by The Brothers Grimm
4 RadioSam Intro Jingle
5 Let Me Take You by The Jungle House Crew
6 Dis Jah Little Sound by Dragon Fly
7 Second Rush by Rush Till Dawn
8 Addicted Remix by Raving Mad
9 Can't Stop Falling by Liquid Crystal
10 Drifting.....(Interface Remix) by Release
11 Oldskool Raver by Rave Radio Jingle
12 Positive N.R.G. by Liquid Crystal ‎
13 Losing U (Mix 2) by Origin Unknown
14 Break It Down by The Joker
15 Satan by DJ Distroi & Boykz.
16 Inspiration by Mystery Men
17 Jungle Warrior by DJ Distroi & Boykz.
18 Space bass by Mystery Men
19 Darkside by DJ Distroi & Boykz.
20 Drums Of Doom (Sound Systems At Dawn) by The Criminal Minds Versus D.O.T.
21 Free Me by DJ Distroi & Boykz
22 Feal Real by Aphrodite + Nutty Jim
23 Something New Pt. 2 by Andy C
24 Equatorial Bass by Narc
25 Bass Constructor by Andy C
26 Voodoo by Narc
27 Mystery 159 by J.F. & E.
28 Ancient Castle by Systec & Inflex
29I'm Getting Too Old by DJ Lien
30 Pretty Brown Eyes by Jimi D & D.J Andre
31 Volume 1 B1 by Frantic & Impulse
32 21st Century by System A.D
33 Final Conflict ('93 Dubplate Mix) by Tango & Ratty
34 Untitled A2 (Unreleased E.P.) by Battery 03
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