1990. The rave scene has arrived from Ibiza and warehouse parties are exploding across the UK bringing phenomenal wealth to the organisers. In Manchester, best mates Matt and Dylan are in their early 20’s and long to be more than just punters. As the government moves to outlaw the scene, it’s now or never and they quickly rise through the ranks to join the promoting elite. They are taken on a wild journey from the exclusive VIP rooms of London clubs to the outrageous parties in Ibiza super-villas and the hedonism of Amsterdam. It’s everything they dreamed of and more. But as their success continues to grow, they attract a more dark and sinister world. Matt and Dylan start to drift apart as they are forced to question the dreams they set out to achieve and their once solid friendship.

Weekender is released on DVD and Blu-ray this week (19/09/2011).


Over the weekend of 18th to 19th June 2011, Essex plays host to HD fest a 3 arena festival with over 100 live acts, DJs and MCs with onsite camping for 3,000 people. HD Fest has partnered up with Kiss FM, Dontstayin.com, Pukka Up, Epidemik, Raindance, Slip Back In Time, Kissdafunk, Pam’s House, Funked Up, Too Damn Glam, Sin City and Hat Club to bring you the cream of the crop of dance sensations.

Forum member, Uncle Dugs will launch his new Old Skool show on the 18th March from 11am on the fully legal radio staion Rinse FM (106.8FM).  Joining him on his first show is Old Skool legend DJ Slipmatt. Rinse has dominated London’s radio airwaves for over a decade as a hub of the capital’s thriving urban music community. From Dubstep to Grime to House and everything in between, Rinse has championed London’s diverse cultural needs, reaching massively under represented communities with grass roots music.

Hardcore-Projektz 19 VINYL release is in progress.  The last vinyl release was in 2009 , when Whizzkick stepped up to the plate and smashed it with the "Believe Ep", but now Hpz is back once more with a "Strictly Vinyl" release from T Man , Darkus & MC Mad P (who needs no introduction to seasoned ravers and dj's). It features 3 tracks , one colaboration between Darkus and T Man ( who was very much involved in all the early hpz releases), an absolute monster of a track by T man that's sure to rumble a few speakers shortly and a third track by Darkus with vocals from MC Mad P (Top Buzz ) . They are waiting for 100 pre-sales and then they'll press the vinyl that will be a limited run (no more than 200 even if they sell out). Head on over to www.hardcore-projektz-shop.com for the pre sale on the main home page.
For all those that like their ravey breaks, the latest in the series of Future Rave Anthems is now available.  Mixed by forum member DJ Vinyl Junkie, the 3 mix set can be purchase via Amazon or from the Can You Feel It Media website as digital downloads.