There's a nice little video on the BBC website featuring the 30th Birthday celebrations of the famous Manchester club, The Hacienda.  The club closed in 1997 and the building finally demolished in 2002 to make way for a block of flats.  To mark the special occasion, residents moved their cars from the underground car park so the club could be recreated for one night.

Sublogic Recordings are proud to join forces once again with another old skool repress specialist label, Ninety Two Retro, and bring you The Moog & Justice + Mercy EP... this is a 4 track EP featuring the super rare and in demand "Jungle Muffin" and "Rush Hour" tracks by The Moog and also the "Fake Lobsters" and "Lobsters (Moog Remix)" tracks by Justice + Mercy.

24th November sees the release of the 2011 remixes of "Jah Love" by Vinyl Junkie and Suburban bass legend Austin Reynolds released on Warehouse Wax. Of interest to "old skool" fans, is probably the Stu & Nee remix.  These boys have an uncompromising ear for melody as well as having a background firmly rooted in the realms of Old Skool UK Hardcore, Circa 1992.

Not often I get to post about an book set in the old skool rave era, but I've just got a copy of Nina De La Mers' 4 a.m. (yes, named after the tune). Set in the early 1990s on a British army base, 4 a.m. tells the story of Cal and Manny, soldiers posted to Germany as army chefs. Bored and institutionalised, the pair soon succumb to the neon temptations of Hamburg's red-light district, where they dive into a seedy world of recreational drugs and all-night raves.

Keep meaning to post this, but first time I've remembered!  If you're a fan of late 80's dance (where it all really began lets be honest), then make sure you check out these two mixes by Mulder that are available to download.