This is the moment they've all been waiting for.

On September 26th 2016 (or there abouts apparently), the remastered version of Altern 8's "Full-On Mask Hysteria" will be released in a remastered edition on 3 heavywight 12" vinyls in a limited edition numbered gatefold sleeve, adorned with photos & stories from back in the day, from Neil Rushton, Joe Muggs & Ian McQuaid.

Includes the full original album plus exclusive new remixes and tracks that never before made it to vinyl.

  1. E-Vapor-8
  2. Give It To Baby
  3. Armageddon (KiNK Remix)
  4. Infiltrate 202
  5. Move My Body
  6. Activ 8 (Shadow Dancer Remix)
  7. Hypnotic St-8
  8. Everybody (2 Bad Mice Remix)
  9. First Of May
  10. Activ 8
  11. Frequency (Luke Vibert Remix)
  12. Brutal-8-E
  13. Frequency
  14. Real Time Status
  15. Re-Indulge
  16. Armageddon
  17. A D8 With Plezure
  18. 8's Revenge

Also included is a digital copy to stream via Bandcamp or download in MP3.

Full-on Mask Hysteria - Remasted Edition is release 26th Septmeber for £30 via Bandcamp (£10 for the digital only version)

Ok, it's £10 + VAT, but that's 29p a track for a selection of DJ Seduction tunes including:

  • Hardcore Heaven
  • Sub Dub
  • DJ's Unite - Volume 1
  • My Own
  • Can You Feel it
  • You & Me
  • Cuckoo In The Jungle
  • Samplemania

An independent production company are currently working on a documentary to be shown on Sky Arts.  One of the episodes will feature the early days of House music in the UK and they are looking for your memories (assuming you can actually remember being there!).

Technics has today (5th Jan 2016) announced the return of its direct-drive turntable based on a newly designed direct-drive motor. The Technics 50th anniversary limited edition Grand Class SL-1200GAE and non-limited Grand Class SL-1200G have been developed for audiophiles looking to rediscover and experience the uniquely warm sound quality of analogue vinyl discs.

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