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Audio files found on this site are for preview purposes only - they are only available in the lowest quality bit rate making them unsuitable for reproduction. The only mp3 files are links to original productions hosted by the artists themselves. If you want the "real thing" then invest a few pounds in one of the commercial albums featured in our albums section.

It seems that Old Skool is once again very popular.  The so called "revival" that started late in 1997, seems to be running on and on, longer in fact than the actual rave scene did originally.  With computers becoming more and more powerful, effect and sound units at reasonable prices and digital medium for distributing finished creations, the process of creating music is now open to a much broader range of creative talent.  With a cheap piece of music software you could create an anthem, or at least rip off someone else's!

The people featured in this section are that new create talent.  They have made new tracks that have that old skool feel and ruff and ready kind of sound that defined the whole rave scene in the early 90's

If you would like to be featured in this section please get in touch

Here's your chance to show the world how good you are on the old 1's and 2's. You can host the mix via SoundCloud by letting me know the link or send an mp3 if you don't have a SoundCloud account.

Drop me a line if you want to submit a mix.

The limited edition vinyl 12"s that have been released featuring new tunes in an old skool stylee