Known as

  • Acid, Tabs, Trips, LSD, Blotters, Microdots


  • LSD is a powerful hallucinogenic drug often known as Acid or Trips and comes on a small tab (a small square of paper impregnated with the drug). It affects the way you see things and feel about the world.
  • As with other drugs, peoples experience of LSD tends to be very individual. But with LSD it is very difficult to tell how strong a tab is until it's taken.
  • The effects of LSD are usually felt after about 20 minutes to two hours after taking it. If you are not used to taking it, you may not even realise it has already started to affect you.
  • The effects or "trip" can last anywhere from five to 24 hours, though 8-12 hours is most common.
  • As the trip starts to come up, you may feel exhilarated or agitated; you may want to dance or laugh a lot.
  • The drug effects perception. Familiar objects, places and people may appear unfamiliar or strange. The trip tends to get stronger after two to four hours; sight, hearing and touch often become very sensitive and distorted. The experience may be pleasurable or upsetting.
  • If you are tripping at an event you may feel you are in a great place surrounded by happy dancing people; or you may find the music, lights and people very frightening.
  • Stays in the body for 2 - 3 days.

The Health Risks:

  • There are no known physical dangers associated with LSD nor any proof of brain damage. However, users may experience "flashbacks" days or even weeks after taking acid, when elements of their trip are lived through again as though they are happening in the present.
  • There are psychological risks. Depressed or anxious people will probably find that taking LSD makes life feel even more chaotic and confused. Anyone with a history of mental illness may find that LSD aggravates existing problems.
  • LSD is a powerful drug and you should take good care of yourself after taking it by resting and eating properly.
  • You may feel anxious or depressed the next day, but this should pass.

Stay Safer

  • Make sure you take it with someone you know well and trust, preferably someone who has used it before and knows how strong the effects can be,
  • Make sure you are somewhere where you feel safe and secure.
  • Make sure you have somewhere safe to go when the event ends. A trip could last between 8 - 12 hours.
  • Avoid taking LSD if you are upset or feeling low. It's likely to make you have a bad trip.
  • Remember that it can take a long time to start feeling the effects. Don't take more because you think it hasn't worked. When both trips kick in you will certainly know about it
  • Avoid taking more LSD to get the same effect as last time. Take a break for a while. You tolerance levels to the drug will drop down again.

If It All Goes A Bit Pete Tong

If a friend starts to have a bad trip:

  • Take them to the chill-out area to get away from the flashing lights and music.
  • Reassure them that what they are feeling is drug-induced and they are not going mad.
  • Nothing can bring them out of a bad trip quickly, but quiet, patient reassurance over a couple of hours usually helps.

If you start having a bad trip, hope some notices and does the above for you.