billy_wizzKnow As:

  • Speed,Whizz, Billy,Sulph,Go-Faster,Meth, Base, Paste


  • Speed is a stimulant drug. It wakes you up and keeps you going. Its effects are like an adrenaline rush; your heart beats faster and you feel like you have more energy.
  • With speed, many people feel very confident and alert and feel they can dance for longer without resting.
  • Taking speed, your mouth will probably dry, you may want to grind your teeth or chew the same piece of chewing gum for 8 hours.
  • Your appetite disappears and you won't want to sleep. The effects of a small amount of speed can last for 6-8 hours.
  • Stays in the body for 2 - 4 days.

The Day After:

  • Speed makes your body work harder and use its resources faster.
  • When speed wears off, you come down. A come down almost always makes you feel very tired and hungery. You could also feel anxious or panicky, depressed and perhaps even paranoid.
  • Some forms of speed can also have a laxative effect.

Regular Use:

  • It doesn't take long to build up a tolerance to speed - even using once a week for a few weeks can mean that you need more to get the same effect.

The Main Health Risks are:

  • Generally feeling weak and unwell and getting more colds and bugs - you body is missing good food and sleep.
  • High blood pressure and heart failure - if you or your family have heart or blood pressure problems you should avoid using speed.
  • Mixing speed with other stimulant drugs (ecstasy, poppers or cocaine) can put serious strain on your heart.

Stay Safer:

  • Avoid taking other stimulants
  • Avoid taking speed if you are on anti-depressants; the combination with some types has killed some speed users by sending the blood pressure sky high.
  • Avoid taking speed if you are pregnant - medical research suggests amphtamines can damage your baby.
  • Avoid taking more speed to put of the come down. It has to happen at some point, you will just make it worse.
  • Avoid injecting speed. It is usually cut with stuff like flour, chalk or paracetamol, which can clot you blood and cause a lot of damage.
  • Avoid taking more and more speed each time if you want to keep the same effect as before. Taking a break will cause your tollarance to drop again.
  • Make sure you get plenty of rest and food after a session on speed. Arrange time so you are doing nothing the day after.

If It All Goes A Bit Pete Tong:

  • Claim your took a load of Night Nurse the night before!! It contains very similar compounds to speed, which may get you out of trouble in a drugs test.