T. Power came to everybody's attention with the release of the massive hardcore hit "Blow Out Part II" back in '91 with Bass Selective. Since then he has been working on solo projects releasing Drum & Bass tunes such as "Lipsing Jamring" ('93) and "The Elemental" ('94) as well as remixes of jungle greats like: "Greater Love" and "Original Nuttah".
His latest release (10/04/95), "Mutant Jazz", reveals a luscious future Drum & Bass experience, taking Jungle from the dance floor to the living room, starting at the point where ambient meets jungle.

T. Power got into Hip-Hop with its emergence in the U.K in '83 and speedily got out of it, taking with him the drum patterns. Ripping them apart and restructuring them, he found that other forms of music could be developed from them. Moving into a more contemporary arena his influences became Ryuichi Sakamoto, David Sylvian and Pat Metheny - which lead him into Eno, Schulze and jazz classics by Miles Davies.

This is an age where the levels of technology are constantly moving forwards and yet more integral to our daily needs. This is reflected in the style of T. Powers music, working with the machine rather than it working against us, showing that music created by computers has a depth, human edge and provokes thought.

The stage he is now at musically compliments the ideals and standards he and his surrounding environment now demands. Recent trips to Japan, New York and Berlin, where his music is becoming ever popular have greatly inspired him. He is planning a trip to New York to work in the studio with Multi Media guru DJ Soulslinger, who owns Liquid Sky Design.

Tunes include: Blowout Part II, Lipsing Jamring, The Elemental, Police State 12" set, Shake Ya Body (with Shy-FX)
Taken from the Mutant Jazz Press Release - 24/3/95