Raindance return for their 24th Birthday at Great Suffolk Street Warehouse, SE1 0NR.

The main old skool arena we are all interested in hosts: Liquid Live PA Sweet Harmony/Liquid is Liquid), Ratpack, Slipmatt B2B Billy 'Daniel' Bunter, Uncle Dugs (RCFF meets Music Mondays tour), Nookie, Squirrel B2B Skie, G Magikal, Clockwork & Jinx ('Ackney Hardcore set), Isotonik Crew (The 'Lukozade's alive!' set), Trix B2B Mr X, Rusher (Weekend Rush set).

Book tickets online at: http://www.raindanceravefestival.com/


Back in September 1989, we at Raindance put on the UK’s first ever licensed all night dance music event – or rave. In those pioneering days we cemented ourselves deep into the DNA of all that has come since and we’ve been ever-present for all the mutations and evolution that has occurred over the last 24 years. Raindance 2013 embodies that original spirit of rebellion and revolution that swept the UK (and then the world), taking in the modern musical underground movements and accepting all comers. Deep, underground and electric – this is dance music from the original source. Diversity and unity are intrinsic elements to the evolution of rave culture. Our musical policy reflects this – big names and new names rub shoulders, pigeons are set free from their holes. At Raindance you’ll hear Drum & Bass, Jungle and Liquid. Original Acid House alongside cutting edge Deep & Tech House – UK Bass, Garage & Hardcore. Everything from classics to the obscure. A hand-picked line-up of DJ’s and performers chosen for their contribution to the party and nothing more. Raindance is dance music history – come and be part of the tribe.