Creator of probably Old Skool's best know tune, I Need Your Lovin. Neil Rumney better known to us as NRG, answers forum members questions.

Apart from liquid crystal, did you have any other "aka's"? Is it true that you were behind the "Trotters Independent Traders" series and numerous other piano house cheesers, and did these to make money to fund your other projects?

I've had many,many different names, with totally different styles. I did do the Trotters stuff, as well as disco hybrids, summer junkies, dj flavours (No 19 in National Charts in 1995), smokin beats (dreams - No 22 in Nat. Charts 1997).

Like most other producers did around 93, did you release/produce any cheeky bootlegs/remixes that you didnt admit to at the time

Not that i can recall!

Any plans to produce more breakbeat hardcore stuff these days, or is it now strictly house in your studio?

Mainly house, although i have released a drum & bass collaboration with DJ swan E under the name of Soultek (Maximum Boost Records).

What does the sample say in 'Innersense'? Is it "asked her to cry..." ??

I start to cry.

What other producers/sound engineers inspire you?

In the old days, it was liam howlett and joey beltram. Now i'm feeling stuff by Mylo and Plump DJs amongst others - i love the electro influences!!

What equipment did you use (especially for the piano's) and what bit did you just had to keep all these years and still use?

All the NRG stuff was made on one keyboard - the ensoniq EPS16+, trust me when i say this was state of art in 1990!! It was a sampling workstation with wicked piano presets.

Is there one tune from 1991 -1994 that you wish you'd made?

Prodigy - Pandemonium. That tune still gives me goosebumps!!

Is "I need you love" the most licensed hardcore tune ever as its been on loads of labels: Chill; Downtown; R&S; Force Inc; Urban; Pyrotech; Bigbeat, plus loads of album compilations, is it true you've hardly made a penny from all your releases on Chill, and you was skanked by the owner of the label??

True - I was getting a wage from Chill in the old days, and I had NO idea about publishing, and having a share in any licensing. By the time I wised up, it was too late. I took legal action but the label went bankrupt. Believe it or not, he's still out there selling bootleg copies of 'He Never Lost' off the back of the trance release on Tidy Trax.

What other styles of music do you listen to?

US house, funk, hip-hop, some break stuff.

With all the different mixes of "I need your loving" floating about - Which is your favourite mix(es).

It's hard to say a favourite. The track has bad memories for me. After leaving Damon, I signed it to RCA, who were about to shoot a video and had pre-sales to take it Top 5 in the UK charts. I even met James Warren from the Korgis (who I sampled) and he was looking forward to the release. In the last week, RCA pulled out completely, because Baby D were releasing a cover of my track in the same week as a follow up to fantasy. This cleared the way for Baby D to go No1. To say I was gutted is a understatement. Everyone knows the real version, but the deals have never gone my way on this track. My business partner thinks it's cursed!

In 'He Never Lost His Hardcore', you used a sample of Sir Mix-a-lot live at UK Fresh. Did you go to the gig and did oldschool hip hop an electro influence your tracks?

Very much so - very well spotted!!! i'd like to know who spotted that? I never got to UK Fresh 86, but I did see Public Enemy the following year when they live-recorded the air-raid siren intro for 'It takes a nation of millions' album. This has been massively sampled since!!! I started off as a Hip-Hop DJ - that's why so many rap samples found their way onto my tunes.

What are your favourite tracks from the golden era of raving?

Prodigy - Pandemonium, Joey Beltram - Energy Flash, Zero B - Lock Up, Manix - Feel Good, Jonny L - Hurt U So.

How did your work for Low Spirit Records come about?

I hooked up with low spirit after headlining their mayday rave in Berlin. I went and recorded in the Berlin Studios a couple of times. I played a party in the old east side in a disused power station from the war. The heavy machinery was too big to move so they just sprayed it with luminous paint! It looked well freaky!

Who would win a fight altern8 or smart e's?

My money's on the smart e's - gotta support the local team!

Any chance of your brother still sorting my pitch control out as promised at the DMC championship (scala kings cross) about 2 years ago?

Bad ass night mate and the boy wooze won aswell..

What projects are you working on now?

Still going strong with Smokin Beats in it's 11th year, also running a bassline house label for a big scene in the Midlands & North.Working a lot with different singers these days. The EPS still gets a look in now and then!!

Thanks very much to Neil for taking time out to answer the questions and to everyone who submitted a question to ask on the Forum.