Please note that this Saturdays Raindance has been moved to The Coronet.  The following information has been issued by Raindance regarding the event. The Debut/SeOne management company has gone bankrupt and the promised take over has not happened in time to prevent the premises from losing its licence. Fortunately about 10 days ago the Coronet became available after 'Lost' pulled out of its planned date. After the final attempt at holding the Easter Ball at Debut/SeOne came to nothing on Sunday last we have decided to RELOCATE to the Coronet. Faced with having no party this Bank Holiday Weekend we hope you will agree it is better that we DO HAVE A PARTY!!...So the Coronet it is. Over the last 5 weeks all of the following 'avenues' and issues have been explored in the tortuous pursuit of saving the Easter Ball. All of which deserve a book chapter of their own.... 1. The Bankruptcy2. Recievers3. Liquidators4.Network Rail5.Council Licencing6.Consortium to take over no.17.Consortium to take over no.28.Private hire of venue for 2 days by Raindance to host the party.9.Venue Licence being revoked due to legal time limits on its reissue not being met.10.Possibility of re-licencing under 'TEN' licences.11.Squatting of venue.12. The sudden availability of a plan b...the Coronet. It has not been Raindances happiest or easiest 5 weeks to say the least. But, hey ( excuse the Easter analogy ) we have arisen from the dead and Raindances Easter Ball is ON.... SPREAD THE WORD AND LETS 'AVE IT Raindance Man