Old skool DJ/Producer DJ Clarkee took time out to answer your questions.

I heard you got your dj name from one time when you were at school and your mum made you wear Clarks shoes even though you wanted air jordans. All the other kids started laughing and calling you "clarkee", so you decided to get the last laugh and show them all by becoming a super-cool dj and throwing the "clarkee" taunts back in their faces. Is that true?

Haha, yeah right. It's a nickname dickhead! My names Richard Clark, not hard to work out really!!?

As you've been a dj over the past decade (and more) what would you see as the best era of raving- i.e. music\atmosphere\rave locations etc?

My fave era has gotta be 89-93, the early esp/dreamscape events combined with proper ecstasy, mad friends and even madder parties just was what raving was all about.

What's been your most embarrassing moment while DJing?

Finishing the mix then taking the needle off the record that's still playing so the sound go off? Going to the Academy in Plymouth when I should be at the Academy in Cardiff? Turning up to play in Skegness on a Friday when the party was on a Saturday? You name it I've done em all!!! lol

What's your favourite all time tune?

Energy Flash - Joey Beltram...I fukkin Love this tune!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Old skool or bangin techno!

Bangin Old School everytime.

Do you feel that your residency at Milwaukee's gave both you and Swanne the platform to make it really big? Also why do you reckon the other resident, Mastersafe never quite made it?

Definitely, ESP at Millwaukees was my fave place to play, It enabled to the residents to generate their own little following and allowed them to promote themselves to other promoters. Mastersafe was/is one of the technically gifted Dj's I ever saw and was a big inspiration to me. I learnt a few tricks off him which I still use today, the reason he 'didn't make it' was because he didn't want to particularly. He had family commitments which he felt was more important. Respec to Mastersafe, his studio mix tapes [particularly the one where he uses two copies of energy flash back to back, is still to this day one of my all time faves - incredible]

Where was the first place you played out publicly?

Sywell Aerodrome - Outdoors In Northampton, mid 1989.

What's the weirdest thing you've seen happen at an event?

I handed a flyer to a guy on the ground at an event once [in the car park], funny thing was that at the time he had a girl on top riding him....haha....and he started reading it!

Amiga or st?

Amiga for lemmings, ST for cubase.

Which dj's did your major dj influences at the time when you were just a teenager

Just ones that I first heard playing early house/dance in clubs, none you'd know.

Having been so influential in both scenes over the years, do you consider yourself a hardcore or a techno dj, and why? Also has this view changed over time?

When people say to me what are you playing tonight, they would always think I was being an arsehole by saying dance music....but I'm a Dj. I can play and mix anything from jungle to house, if you can mix you can mix and I've always hated having to be pigeonholed.

Vestax or SLs?

Gimme a break!!!!!!! Technics, will never be bettered. I've still got the ones I bought in 1989. Can you imagine how hammered they are? Still going strong!

What record of yours are you most proud of (and least proud of if any)?

Most proud of 'Songs from the Abyss EP' - Area 59. I wrote it after splitting up with a long term girlfriend and it seemed to help me therapeutically. Least proud of Event Horizon on the Dance Paradise Album cos I threw it together in about 2 hours! haha

Which direction can you see the current hardcore scene moving bearing in mind the new old skool style productions that are appearing and the growing fan base of the recently resurrected kniteforce breakbeat styles?

Don't listen to any of that shite so I wouldn't know, I've always done my own thing and played underground music whether people like it or not and not really taken much notice of what other people are doing.

Is there any chance of you restarting area 51?

Maybe but after losing money along the way and other commitments, its looking unlikely.

What are you up to now?

Apart from having a lovely girlfriend and a place in Spain which I go to as much as possible I'm still djing 2-3 a month but also working as a web manager in the UK ATI sales office, so If you need a decent graphics card for your PC then get I'm your man!

Thanks to Richard for taking time out to answer the questions.