Hardcore-Projektz 19 VINYL release is in progress.  The last vinyl release was in 2009 , when Whizzkick stepped up to the plate and smashed it with the "Believe Ep", but now Hpz is back once more with a "Strictly Vinyl" release from T Man , Darkus & MC Mad P (who needs no introduction to seasoned ravers and dj's). It features 3 tracks , one colaboration between Darkus and T Man ( who was very much involved in all the early hpz releases), an absolute monster of a track by T man that's sure to rumble a few speakers shortly and a third track by Darkus with vocals from MC Mad P (Top Buzz ) . They are waiting for 100 pre-sales and then they'll press the vinyl that will be a limited run (no more than 200 even if they sell out). Head on over to www.hardcore-projektz-shop.com for the pre sale on the main home page.