Y4K026_01 Where were you in the early 90’s? Do you remember the old skool classic ‘Rhythm Section’ – ‘Comin’ On Strong’ ?  - Back in 1991 it perfectly captured the mood of the times with melodic energy with hip-hop beats and dubby basslines.

The self-released vinyl had sold so many copies on its release that it would have gone Top 20….if only the band had known about barcodes. It did however stay in the Kiss 100 charts for a massive 18 months.


  1. Atomic Bass
  2. Burning Up
  3. Circuit Breaker (Remix)
  4. Check Out The Bass
  5. Dreamworld
  6. Emotion
  7. Feel The Rhythm
  8. Future
  9. (I Can Take You) Higher
  10. Is This Real
  11. Nu Generation
  12. Perfect Love 2AM

Available to buy on CD from Y4K records or mp3 from Amazon