DJ VINYL JUNKIE PROUDLY PRESENTS.... WE'RE STILL NOT DEAD (THE ALBUM)AVAILABLE NOW, ONLY ON CD... £9.99 (INCLUDES UK POSTAGE)EXTREMELY LIMITED EDITION (200 copies only and selling fast)EMAIL ME FOR AN ORDER FORM: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ARTIST: VARIOUSTITLE: WE’RE STILL NOT DEADFORMAT: CD ALBUM (Unmixed)LABEL: WAREHOUSE WAXCATALOGUE: WAXLPCD002RELEASE DATE: APRIL 26th Back in 2005 a compilation album called “We’re not Dead” was released on spearheading label, Warehouse Wax. It is now widely regarded as being a milestone in the rise of the genre known as Hardcore Breaks and received rave reviews in DJ Mag, Mixmag and Knowledge amongst others. It brought together some legendary names from the Old Skool UK hardcore scene like Nebula 2, Phuture Assassin, Austin, Orca and Sub Love. It fused them with enthusiastic new artists like Vinyl Junkie, Whizzkick, Darkus, D’state and Storm & Euphony and vowed that its mission was to reinstate the sound of 1992 hardcore to its former glory.2010, five years down the line and with the genre still going strong and untold amounts of young enthusiastic artists bashing away in their bedroom studios, Warehouse Wax thought it was time for a sequel. So here it is: WE’RE STILL NOT DEAD. Nebula 2 are back with the awesome “Kin Hardcore” which is dedicated to the London event of the same name, Austin also returns with the brilliantly moody “Suicide” and Phuture Assassin has been remixed and brought into 2010 by the hugely talented J-Tek supremo, Madcap. Also brought out of retirement for this project, one of the men behind the 92–93 Hardcore label: “Flyte Records”, Boykz.Early Drum & Bass legend, of Urban Takeover fame, the man like Mulder, makes his first appearance on Warehouse Wax with the brilliant J-Tek / Hardcore Breaks crossover “Code Blue”. Also gracing Warehouse Wax for the first time, a geezer who has been there from day dot and has now really established his own sound and a massive underground following, the hugely talented Simon Holmes.Owner of Warehouse Wax, Vinyl Junkie and Germanys main men, Whizzkick are both back in the place, each of them showcasing their own particular brand of Hardcore Breaks superbly. Stu & Nee, Lethal Formula and Wax’s main artist over the last few years, E-Lab Rat, are all present and accounted for. All the way from Australia comes the sounds of The Upstarts and last but by no means least, from America and representing the Ravebreaks fraternity is Simon Apex.Please give this your full clubland and radio support.WE’RE NOT DEAD… WE WERE JUST RESTING!01. Nebula 2 – ‘Kin Hardcore 02. Mulder – Code Blue 03. Austin – Suicide 04. The Upstarts – Funky Breaks 05. Whizzkick – Out Of My Mind 06. Phuture Assassin – Forever (Madcaps J-Tek 2010 Remix) 07. Simon Apex Feat. Sam Davage - The Light (Rave Breaks Remix)08. Stu & Nee Vs Flek-C, Feat. Yaz - Give Me Heaven 09. Lethal Formula – Alien 10. Simon Holmes – Break It Down11. Boykz – Deep In My Soul 12. E-Lab Rat – Tribe 13. Vinyl Junkie – Electro Rays Discuss this topic in our forum.