Original MC and now MC/Promoter/Tune maker, MC Magika talks about his time in the rave scene, MCing with Carl Cox and his Raveology events.

How did you come up with the name Magika?

My name came from when I was mc-ing at events in bham I had no name so me and my mates came with ideas one mate said GIKA and I just added on to it.

How did you first team up with DJ legend, Carl Cox?

Working with Carl Cox came about by just actually ripping up the M.I.C at gigs with him like Kinetic, Dance Planet, Quest etc and I was in Belfast and we smashed the place big time ,after the show he asked me to join him as his mc, which lasted 5 yrs until he changed direction and there was no need for me then as mcs were not part of the house movement and even if there had been I would not have enjoyed it at all.

What's been the best moment in your career so far?

OK highlight of my career hosting DANCE VALLEYS main stage in HOLLAND to 120.000 people was most amazing also touring with MOBY.

Which DJ's would you like to work with?

Well I have worked with all of them really apart from Dillinja who's new skool ,but back in the day it would have to be someone like Derrick May from the U.S.A. and Sasha would be a good one I never got to actually mc for him which would have been cool .

Why did you leave the happy hardcore scene?

At one time I was disillusioned with hardcore I thought it was becoming very weak and cheesy and all credible music industry headz took the piss and at the time they had every right as there judgment reflected on what was truly on display to all to hear which was a lot of crap, on the other hand there was some great stuff like dj sy ,billy Bunter was writing some great stuff ,and for me I needed a change of scene ,however I have been coming out and taking a look at events such as H.T.I.D and I like what I see &hear and the vibe is second to non totally people have the right to make changes and also to change there minds I am a grown man and if I did not like the music I would stay away totally, remember this it was me who walked away turning down enough work and I mean loads so that says it all.

You've been also produced tunes as well as MC'd, any plans to release anything again?

yes I will be unleashing some hardcore productions without a doubt alongside new blood dj-producer DJ Kambell from Nottingham.I made one tune back in 1995 called "WHAT A FEELING" which has sold over 70.000 copies on the underground and is still getting licensed to this day so I know I can do this to unleash BIG tunes.

What's the Magikstar project?

Magikstar is my production outfit in 2002 we won the Diesel music award on channel 4. We have supported busta rhymes, moby, kosheen, rahzel and Orbital. Magikstar consists of vocal drum&bass implemented with all types of influences from hip-hop to dub to trance. We have various singers and vocalists on tracks and the group cater for the underground and for a crossover market too. Magikstar consists of Magika, Biggie, Ed Yates plus featured artist and featured percussionists and musicians. In the past the outfit have had releases on Micky finns Urban Takeover label, also as well playing out live the outfit will also go out as dj-mc unit playing their own material and other artists from the Midlands etc ...

Who else do you rate in the MC world?

they all work very hard and fair play to them I feel apart from storm&whizzkid and a few others that there is nothing really exciting out there at this moment in time but hey I am sure there's some new young blood ready to bring the all new energy that is needed and always wanted by the ravers.

Who are your favourite D&B artists?

I like many man from legends like rider, frost, brian g ,hype, andy c to new skool coalition marky, pendulum, fresh, also i rate zinc highly as the best in the world as a dj and producer, not forgetting roni and co and bukem mcs eksman is cool so is dynamite. I am a big fan of shabba and skibs also however I do like moose and five o man they are legends also GQ so many out there man with talent too many to mmention.

What's your favourite tune?

ok fave tunes many man oldskool wise many many too many to mention always liked uplifting tunes ,piano riffs etc also some dakness is wicked too. djs I would work with or like to from hardcore would be my man Dougal, Slipmatt and anyone else who is cutting it.

Which football team do your support?

My football team is Aston Villa I am also supported by Villa officially they recognise me as an artist who supports them they feature me in programmes etc and give me football tops with my name on BIZARRE but TRUE.

Do you buy records?

Occasionally, as I am on mailing lists as I review music for whatson uk which is a music tabloid.

How's Raveology doing?

I want RAVEOLOGY to do very well as I put a lot of energy, time, money into what I do together with my partner jo we go all out to create a great night ,I hope RAVEOLOGY goes onto big things such as big nights at many locations nation wide also to host oldskool arenas at big events and to hopefully host an oldskool arena at some of the BIG festivals that take place every summer and if poss to have a RAVEOLOGY festival encompassing all types of RAVE music as well as OLDSKOOL so the could be arenas techno, D&B, HOUSE, HARDHOUSE, URBAN, etc various marquees of rave music would be great.

JJ's or Quest?

Its a hard one but there has to be one so Quest gets the nod from me all day long,JJs had its moments too but Quest for me was the best club on a weekly basis ever in the UK .Shellys or eclipse the eclipse man all day long Shelley's was great but eclipse takes the title out the 2.

Are you in to any other types of music?

Yes of course I am VERY universally musically minded , always have been, I love live bands such as linkin park, coldplay, u2, artists such as seal, daniel bedingfield, Damien rice, I also love Hip-Hop from oldskool KRS-ONE to new skool artists such as the game, flypside, etc I also love a Portuguese singer called MIRIZA she is amazing man.

Your lyrics seem to reference drugs, which you say you are against.

My lyrics such as can you feel the rush, that could mean anything so you are suggesting YOU only rush from DRUGS? Ever heard of an adrenalin rush ? have I ever taken drugs yes in the past I have tried drugs but they were not for me at all whatsoever . no I have not tried PILLS and never will.

What's the difference between south west ravers and midland ravers?

Well its obvious that these are 2 different regions so therefore different type of people inhabit these regions, however the ravers in both regions are up for it in there own special happy up for it way.

What's the most number of events you've done in one night?

4 is the max and boy was I fu**ed the most in a weekend 10 across a bank holiday weekend in 1999.

When did you last see Stixman?

It's been 5 yrs since we parted company and the last time I saw him was 2004 he actually came to RAVEOLOGY as a punter and raved the night away. I don't keep in contact with him anymore we sadly drifted apart (all good things come to an end) it was a good partnership whilst it was, I mean here we are in 2005 and peeps still ask about him to this day, regarding him mc-ing I think he retired but hey what do I know he may come back who knows???????. MC RUFF was a good friend and it was sad yes he will be missed forever by all who knew him very sad man. R.I.P. MC RUFF from the original PRODIGY crew.

Thanks very much to Magika for taking time out to answer the questions and to everyone who submitted a question to ask on the Forum.