dairymilk_warriorReal Name: Mark Binge

Music Style: Everything from Old Skool to Happy Hardcore

Musical Influences: Old skool wise- Acen, Prodigy, Krome & Time, Nebula 2, & of course, SmartE!!

Similar Artists: Dunno

Artist history: Been a bedroom producer for a few years

One More

Originally composed on a Saturday afternoon when I was supposed to be revising for my Russian exam. It samples a trance tune that I forget the name of! Especially remixed for the Back To The Old Skool EP#1.

Get Sorted

I originally composed this tune for my GCSE music coursework, a few months ago. I also used it for my end of year composition, getting the mark of 27/30 (not bad for an old skool tune, eh?). The version I have enclosed has lost the cheesey synth lead (for credibility purposes of course) and I hope people like it.

Get Sorted (Test Press Mix)

Originally get sorted was remixed a bit for release on the B2VOS EP#2. Due to problems with one of the tracks appearing twice on the 20 test presses that were made the master had to be re-cut. Unfortunately the original CDR went missing and on top of that Mark lost the sequence data for his track so this version is now only available here and on what's now a pretty exclusive test press.

Get Sorted (B2VOS EP#2 Mix)

The version that eventually ended up on the Back To The Old Skool EP#2 was pretty much the same as the Test Press version except the Get Sorted sample was cut right back and slightly more cut up drum loops were used in the intro.

One More
Get Sorted Coming Soon if I can find it
Get Sorted (Test Press Mix) Coming Soon
Get Sorted (B2VOS EP#2 Mix)