Real Name: A label set-up by Matt Robinson and Oliver Shah

Music Style: The music I make doesn't follow a strict pattern to be honest, I just make whatever's going on in my head at the time. I'm a long-time fan of breakbeat music and old skool hardcore so I find myself creating stuff in this vein most of the time, but also experimenting with nice melodic chill-out music and ambient sounds when I'm in the mood. I've also been known to knock up a few drum 'n' bass and techno tracks from time to time. Anything that's runnin' really! (Matt R)

Musical Influences: Hardcore, chill-out, drum 'n' bass, tek-house, anything breakbeat orientated. (Matt R)

Similar Artists: Everything from old skool Prodigy ('91-'92), Manix, Acen, and The House Crew, to The Future Sound of London, Aphex Twin and Orbital. (Matt R)

Artist history: I started producing about 4 years ago now, strictly as a hobby and for a bit of fun. Since then people began to notice some of the stuff I was coming up with thanks to my web site and I scored some amazingly overwhelming feedback. After launching Bassquake Recordings, run in conjunction with, I'm now releasing material to the public at last! (Matt R)

Bassquake Promo Sampler

The first proper 12" release from this excellent old skool label. Four tracks are featured and all are of great quality and originality, no rip-off tunes here! My personal favourite, Would You Be There, was actually featured on the compilation CD below and I'm hoping to hear it played out by someone at a future Raindance or something as it's a great little tune. All the tunes are more 1992 sounding to me so you can expect chipmunk samples, uplifting rave riffs and the odd hands in the air piano.


Back to the Old Skool - Sounds of the Bassquake Vol. 1

The first of many planned compilations to feature on Bassquake Recordings, here we see 11 slammin' old skool powered rollers from the current roster of Bassquake artists, all exclusive tracks unavailable on each of their respective Bassquake albums and E.P.s, including some brand new pieces by Dark Forces, Delirium, and Tru-St-Eight among others. The tunes concentrate on recreating the classic old skool hardcore vibe of '92 and '93 for the most part, along with a couple of bonus more experimental pieces, helping to take the old skool sound and push it into exciting new territories which you've never heard before.

Track List

Parallel Universe - Prime Movements
Would You Be There (Bassquake Remix) - DJ Ruffage
Overdrive - Alien Eye
Phenomenon - Blunt Connection
Exorcist (Jesus On E's mix) - Delirium
Cernunnos (remix) - Teknotik
A Perfect Mellow Day (edit) - DJ Fyre
Angel Dawn (DJ Orange remix) - Delirium
Rush (Part 1) - Tru-St-Eight
Old Skool Winter - Beat Spell Horizon
Lucid Nightmare - Dark Forces