Real Name: Ohhhh top secret government agent

Music Style: Most forms of dance music, all based on an old skool flavour though whether it be dark & ravey dnb to uplifting trance

Musical Influences: Early dance/hip hop music;local pirate radio

Similar Artists: Dick van Dyke

Artist history: Battery powered mothercare keyboard - boring recorder lessons - terrifying piano lessons - amiga - cheap amiga sampler - Octamed - PC!

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This appeared on the Back To The Old Skool - Sounds Of The Bassquake Vol 1 CD that used to be available from Crunching dark bizness! Tracks such as Overdrive were very popular back in 1993, when jungle and drum 'n' bass music had just started to come about thanks to such groundbreaking releases as Terminator by Goldie, but many tunes of this era still kept subtle ties to the old hardcore sound from where they had spawned, and in that respect, Overdrive captures the essence of this vibe unconditionally, and is a fantastically produced dark breakbeat roarer of manic proportions.


Found A Cafe

Rips off a number of tunes including 2 Bad Mice - Bombscare, Paul Van Dyke - For An Angel, Energy 52 - Cafe Del Mar.

This tune has actually become quite famous now having been dropped by the likes of The Ratpack at Raindance and other events.

Was remixed and re-released on Ratpack Music Project #1 minus the Cafe Del Mar sample at the end.


Fall Down / Pressure

The follow up to the massive Found A Cafe using a sample that I recognise from a DJ Force and the Evolution track, but I'm sure someone will let me know where it originally came from.

Overdrive coming soon
Found A Cafe
Fall Down coming soon