95-96 Mix ID request (details)

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95-96 Mix ID request (details)

Post by Richie Freebird » Tue Dec 01, 2015 9:58 pm

Hello ravers. I join you with an obscure request. Rather than looking for a specific tune, I'm looking to ID a full mix. I had this mix on a copied cassette in about 1996, I'm guessing it's from 95 or 96. I have an incomplete track listing from the mix (I don't know the names of some tunes).

This was a studio quality mix which I'm guessing had some sort of commercial release. I got it on about a 10th generation copy from a friend who had no idea of its true origin.

It started with a quick intro tune with samples like ?alright, hardcore? ?got to have it, got to have it alright? then ?the beat kicks, then I start rocking?. Then the following tunes in roughly this order (couple missing).

Pagan & Petrov Feat. DJ Dobbit - Feel So Good
Sandman - Recall
Paul Elstak - Boom Boom
Sharkey & Dee - Can Can You Do It
Charlie Lownoise & Mental Theo - Wonderful Days
Ultrasonic - Make that Move
DJ Pooch - How it Started
Hixxy & Sharkey - Toytown
Ferocious - Please Don't Go
DJ Seduction - In the Mix

A section of the mix after this got lost in an accidental tape over. There was a tune that sampled the Renegade Master vocals, and possibly a remix of Midas' Groove control, the version with the cheeps and extra riffs.

If anyone has any clue what this mix was called, who it was by, what name it was released under, I'd be eternally grateful for the help. Searching for this has been a 20 year project for me. Even ID'ing the tunes has taken me years, and I still don't have them all.

This was my first exposure to rave music, and has an absolutely religious level of nostalgia to me.

Thanks for reading. Any pointers greatly appreciated.