GL0WKiD pres. 'Orestiz Hardcore Mythology Mix'

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GL0WKiD pres. 'Orestiz Hardcore Mythology Mix'

Post by GL0WKiD » Sat Sep 12, 2015 6:18 am

NEW mix, this time totally dedicated to one of the great Hardcore representers in Greece!

ORESTIZ (originally an ancient name of Greek Mythology) is a Greek hardcore breaks producer and am personally fan of his ideas, digging all of his stuff, playing out his tunes on my show, some of them been dropped on exclusive first play, blogging also his releases on the Strictly Nuskool and in overal, showing full support to his talent and work in the scene.
He's also involved twice on Strictly Nuskool Blog releases with his tunes 'Ruffatest' and 'Wake Up And See'.

Check the review for more details about my new mix and some info about Orestiz alongside a Free Download link of it @ ... ology.html

LISTEN: ... wkid-2015/
FREE DL: ... __2015.rar

01. Nefti - I Can't Stand It (Orestiz Remix) [HARDCORE LIVES]
02. Orestiz - Other Side [INTENSIVE RECORDINGS]
03. Motiv - Come Alive (Orestiz 140 Remix) [WHITE TOWER DIGI]
04. Orestiz - Enhance
05. Orestiz - Simply Say Raw
06. Orestiz - Ruffatest [STRICTLY NUSKOOL BLOG]
07. Orestiz - For Us All
08. Orestiz - Wake Up And See [STRICTLY NUSKOOL BLOG]
09. Paul Cronin - You Gotta Find The Light (Orestiz Remix) [DRED COLLECTIVE]
10. Orestiz - Freedom
11. Orestiz - Beyond
12. Orestiz - The Force
13. Orestiz - Toxic Tunes
14. Fleck - Higher (Orestiz Way Into Jungle)