The state of DJ'ing nowadays...

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Re: The state of DJ'ing nowadays...

Post by Restless » Fri Nov 27, 2015 11:34 am

dj jedi wrote:It's much harder to chop/cut well using up faders, as you have to move both at the same time, and as you say they usually have a much more gentle curve so it often doesn't sound as sharp. Not impossible, but much harder.

Although 'blend' mixing works well for some styles and tunes, it sounds wank if the track has a piano or bassline etc intro, so dropping it straight in is really the only way to do it well.
Agreed in using the fader for tricks only. ;-)

An old friend of mine was phenomenal using the channels for tricks. Like, world class.

He'd never miss a beat, and the tricks made complete sense if you decided to listen to them instead of listen and watch.

It's a skill that's hard to master. I've been mixing for 16 years and I still lose my way with it!

Fader all the way for me for chopping. There's something captivating about watching a DJ pull off insane trickery and make it work on all levels. Probably why I was drawn to Ratty and the Turntablist side of the game.