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Re: Fusion This Saturday

Post by Traffic Cone » Tue Nov 24, 2015 11:48 am

in fairness i know they also have speedcore parties in Berlin that go on till early afternoon \:D/ i don't think that's as much to do with the style music as the overall culture.

i don't know how that post connects with the fact you don't like much post-2000 rave music but there we go :biggrin:

i don't think that the dynamic of a hardcore rave (whatever the style of hardcore) necessitates the anthems. it's unfortunate that the modern audience for *old* music tends towards that approach though. but i really enjoy the fact that a rave is more about maintaining that high energy level, rather than any gradual buildup. it's just different to, say, a techno night. it seems strange to give particular value to either approach.

not really sure what's regressive about it either...or indeed what's so bad about it being regressive. it's not as if your house / techno approach is exactly revolutionary in itself, surely nowadays that's basically as established an idea as the rock concert? (which again would suggest how meaningless it is to ascribe value in that way...)

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Re: Fusion This Saturday

Post by dial1 » Tue Nov 24, 2015 9:58 pm

Regressive rock is a pun on really bad prog rock that isn't progressive or regurgitates a 70s ethos. A bit like regressive house.

Sure, the idea of house/techno music and house music culture is established, but I think it is the original seperation between that and anthem rave. Like, I feel that you could go to one of these modern hardcore raves and be tucked in bed by 11 PM, like a band gig. if the promoters desired it. But for a house and techno (and even modern electro funk, dubstep, minimalistic/technoid/experimental dnb and bass music night) you couldn't do that. I mean, you could, but it'd totally kill the dynamic of the experience. Speaking only personally here, I like to go to a club and nicely be warmed up for the industrial bosh and hear mindblowing tunes, maybe some ambient, drone, electro etc. And tunes that I haven't heard before is always a plus.

I don't think it's a case of valuing one approach over another rather than seeing which one has longevity, in the context of dance and not rock music. I.E: The Orbit was as you described like a hardcore rave, non-stop straight hard techno from 8 PM to 2:30 AM. But again, there's a reason that approach never really took off across the country, and that's because of a variety of factors, I.E: drugs, the type of crowd, etc. The only way I could see such an approach taking off without these unique factors is to go full on anthems, something that isn't well suited to techno, but is other styles of rave music.

I mean, and I'm not knocking the style here, but could you imagine Slipmatt playing a set of HHC rollers and then maybe playing an anthem at the end? Different vibes innit.

That being said, I'm about as interested in a modern techno night that is straight four-on-the-floor techno for 10 hours as I am modern hardcore. All the techno nights I've been to over the past few years have played a variety of music, from detroit electro like Aux88 and Drexciya to Drone, EBM, industrial, Autechre, ambient, breakbeat hardcore (the non-piano stuff, Jerome hill's yer man for that) through to modern bass hybrids and the like. Of course techno has dominated, but it has always been shot through with other styles.